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Model 70F - Phillips 202 - Phillips

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The 70 F style frame comes in smoke gray, equipped with side shields. The frame has a comfortable fit and has been a safety glass industry standard for many years.

Phillips 202 Glass is very efficient in filtering sodium flare in addition to providing ultraviolet protection to 390 mm. The Phillips 202 is becoming a preferable choice of hot glass workers. It is very comfortable for viewing under high ambient light conditions such as when working with hot glass or glowing heat sources for a duration of time. Also, although it has a relatively low luminous transmission of 38%, it is not recommended for sun protection use unless UV filtering coatings are applied.

Additional Information:
Weight: 15 oz.
Dimensions: 8 × 4 × 4 in
Frame Color: Smoke Grey
Frame Features: Side Shield
Frame Materials: Plastic
Frame Style: Wayfarer
Gender: Male, Female
Glass Working Filter: Phillips 202
Size: Extra Small, Small, Medium
Temples: Bent

Liability Disclaimer: Mountain Glass Arts employees are not optometrists and can only make suggestions concerning eye protection. There are many types of eye protection available and carry as many as possible. Mountain Glass Arts does not accept any liability concerning eye damage arising from the use, misuse, or non-use of any eyewear products we sell.

Everyone has these!

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Can not believe their is not a review on these! Classic pair of didinium frames that will keep ya protected but you can actually see, some of the darker lenses can make it hard what glass blowing at night. Only reason they don't get 5 stars, They need like nose pads on them to keep them from sagging while working for extended time. The lenses are just heavy, all didiniums are. So get some nose pads from a CVS for cheap and you are in hog heaven :]

Phillips Glasses

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These plastic frame glasses provide nice protection. But they are fairly heavy on the face and if you have a narrow head, they will slip down. I have to tie them with the provided lanyard to keep them in place.

Good but ...

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These appear to satisfy safety needs, but there is not enough technical information available about these glasses - including protection level with shades 2 or 3 or 5.

They get the job done


I used these half of my career. I should have upgraded sooner to a darker shade.