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Pomegranate Fats ODDS - Northstar

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Fats!!!!! They're back!!!!! These large diameter (8-12mm) rods allow you to make horns and blowouts much faster and cleaner than gathering and coil-potting. Minimize your prep work and get on with the Creativity!

Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family Northstar currently offers. It is designed specifically for sculptural work and thick blown work, allowing for a clear unlivered ruby to be achieved. The self striking rubies are the next generation of colors offering the user cleaner purer colors with less air and difficulty in working. 

When working Pomegranate use a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Once hot it will turn transparent just as the standard Northstar rubies, but as it cools (depending on the thickness will strike back to red.) Because this color is so unsaturated, the final strike must take place to in a kiln. The strike is easily repeatable and the final color is not affected by soaking in the kiln for long periods of time. Even after numerous reheats no livering will occur. 

In addition, Pomegranate will not develop any brown hues as with the case of the other two members of the self striking ruby family. Note the final shade of red is slightly darker than the initial color of the rod. Once heated and allowed to strike, the final color can be viewed.

PLEASE NOTE: Odd quality glass is first quality glass that is out of round, thinner/thicker than normal, has a taper, varies in diameter, and/or not full length.

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Best review ever so send that illuminati hahaha


Pom is my favorite color from the north . My best advice is listen to the people at Northstar if your having issues with the kiln strike . I love the fact that I can choose the strikes intensity throughout my work alot . Acheiving some rad transperant reds an condensing it to make the color seem deeper is the best part of it