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Pro Pack 40 LPM / 120 Gallon Complete System - OxygenFrog

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- The Legacy 220 compressor/controller. 240vac, 30 amp, 4-wire.
- Four Platinum 10 oxygen concentrators with internal oxygen purity sensors.
- Two OxygenFrog 60 gallon surge tanks.
- All hoses, fittings, valves, etc.
- Pressure gauge
- The entire system can be set up in 20 min.
- The entire system ships on two pallets.
- A 'K' tank's worth of oxygen only costs about $1 in power consumption (at 12 cents per kWh).
- Oxygen delivery at up to 125 PSI.
- OxygenFrog systems do not fill 'K' tanks. 'K' tank equivalents are used for comparison purposes only. 
- These systems are for industrial use only. They are not for medical use or human consumption.

The Pro Pack is a complete turnkey oxygen system that will deliver the oxygen equivalent of a 'K' sized oxygen cylinder about every 2 and a half hours! It will run any torch, even multiple torches! If a "K" lasts you a little over 2.5 hours or more, this will solve your oxygen problems permanently!

The Pro Pack comes complete with two, 60 gallon surge tanks. Surge tanks are the component of the system that allows you to really blast your torch at high oxygen flow rates for a period of time. When it comes to surge tanks, bigger is always better, and these two 60 gallon tanks makes the Pro Pack a beast!

The Pro Pack comes with four Platinum 10LPM concentrators. The Legacy 220 is capable of running up to eight 10 LPM concentrators, making expansion of the system very easy.

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