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Revere Beginner Kit - GTT Lynx Torch

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The Lynx is a 7 jet, Triple Mix Surface Mix Torch. It was the first Triple Mix Torch developed by GTT. The Triple Mix technology produces the most efficient flame available for today's glassblower. By surrounding the fuel with oxygen and then injecting oxygen directly down the fuel stream, the fuel is completely burned for a hotter cleaner flame. The oxygen streams are independently controllable by the green and blue valves. This provides a wider flame range and chemistry that is easily adjustable by the operator without changing tips or torches.

The Lynx has a small pinpoint flame for the utmost in detail work and finite heating. The Lynx works soft and borosilicate glass with finesse and ease. The flame is hot and penetrating for borosilicate work up to 2" solid, and soft and clean to work the most delicate soft glass colors. The Lynx is easily adjustable from a fuel rich reduction flame, to a clean neutral flame, to an oxygen rich oxidized flame, to an over-oxidized flame that is necessary for special glass effects.

The Lynx comes with 1' of 3/16" hose and adapters with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud. The adapters have a barb that the 1/4" ID grade "T" hose slides over and is clamped securely. The Lynx comes on a powder coated base that has holes for mounting the base to the work table. Also included are complete instructions and a cleaning kit.

The Lynx platform also serves as the center fire for all of the larger 2 and 3 Stage Triple Mix torches.

The 11/9 with Digital AF3P controller and 4" flip door is great for lampworking and can be converted for fusing and slumping by using the brick plug in the flip door. This kiln comes standard with the AF3P Orton digital 3-button controller.

Revere Beginner Kit includes:
- GTT Lynx Torch
- Jen-Ken 11/9 w/ 4" Flip Door & Digital AF3P Controller
- Oxygen Regulator
- Fuel / Gas Regulator
- Oxy/Fuel T-Grade Hose w/ B Fittings on One End - 1/4" Inner Dia. x 12.5'
- 2 - 1/4" to 5/8" Hose Clamps
- Flashback Arrestors - Set of Two, One Oxy & One Fuel Gas
- Graphite Paddle - 2" x 3"
- 1/2" Graphite Push
- Economy Tapered Octagonal Graphite Reamer - 2-15mm
- 5/8", 7/8", & 1" Marble Mold
- 6" x 6" x 1/4" Graphite Plate
- Wheeled Glass Nippers
- Tungsten Carbide Scoring Knife - 4-Sided
- 1/8" Dia. Large Tungsten Probe
- 8" Tweezers - Serrated
- 10" Tweezers - Serrated
- 12" Tweezers - Serrated
- Magic Mini Jacks
- Light Cup Shears
- Medium Diamond Shears
- Economy Claw Grabbers w/ Set Screw
- 14mm Ground Joint Plug - Aluminum Handle
- 14mm Ground Joint Reamer - Aluminum Handle
- 14mm Male Ground Joint Forming Tool - Aluminum Handle
- Tool and Rod Rest - 7.5" w/ 10 Slots
- 6' Blow Hose Assembly for 1/4" Swivel
- 1/4" Brass Right Angle Double Sided Swivel
- Silicone Blow Hose Adapter Kit - 3 Pack
- Heat Defense Pad 8" x 10" 4 ply Carbon X - Hard Twill
- WaleWear Lampworking Glasses - B3 Lenses - Recspec Biker

The Revere Professional Starter Kits are designed for the professional glass blower looking for the best possible tools and equipment.

Revere's number one recommendation for these kits is for them to be accompanied with a GTT torch (Lynx, Phantom, Mirage respectively). GTT torches are of the highest quality and what Dustin Revere uses in his studio. However, because they are highly coveted, the wait times to receive a GTT can be significantly longer and are often indefinite. Therefore, we have provided comparable alternatives in each kit that are almost always in stock and ready to ship.

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Killer starting kit


Everything in the kit is super useful especially starting out. The MGA team is super helpful and will help you customize the kit in anyway to make it more suitable for you. I’d recommend anyone trying to start out to take a look at this kit.