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Revere Beginner Kit - GTT Phantom

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The Phantom utilizes the Lynx design for an independent center fire surrounded by a fifteen jet outer fire. It has a wide range of possible flame characteristics: small micro needle flames to work detailed areas, large oxidized flames to work large pieces, and any flame type needed in between. The GTT Phantom is an extremely versatile and powerful unit and it is equipped with barbed fittings.

The Paragon BlueBird XL is a dream kiln for the glass bead enthusiast. This 20” wide, 9” deep kiln safely anneals glass to prevent breakage during cooling. With your own Paragon annealing kiln, you will never again worry about glass breakage. The kiln opens doorways of opportunity in beadmaking. The 10” wide double doors give a total of 20” width for inserting bead rods. This kiln is ideal for seminar teachers. It is like having two kilns instead of one. The BlueBird XL has a user-friendly 3-key Sentry Xpress digital controller. It maintains the annealing temperature that you program for the length of time desired. The controller is packed with features but is so easy to use that your child could program it.

This Kit Features:

GTT Phantom **4 INLET**
Paragon BlueBird XL Digital Kiln 120 volt
Oxygen Regulator - Standard Duty
Fuel Gas / Propane Regulator - Standard Duty
1/4" Inner Diameter, 12.5 ft, Oxy/Fuel BB Fittings T Grade Hose
Flashback Arrestors - Set of Two, One Oxy & One Fuel Gas
WaleWear Lampworking Glasses - B3 Lenses - Recspec Biker
6" x 6" x 1/4" Graphite Plate
Large Tungsten Probe, 1/8" diameter
Blow Hose Assembly for 1/4" Swivel (Swivel Not Included)
Economy 1/4" Brass Right Angle Swivel
Set of 8", 10" & 12" Serrated Tweezers
Blast Shield 1/2" Premium Graphite Push w/ Aluminum handle
Light Cup Shears
Graphite Paddle 2" x 3
Economy Tapered Octagonal Graphite Reamer 2-15mm
Griffin 5/8", 7/8", and 1" Marble Mold
Tungsten Carbide Scoring Knife - 4 Sides
Economy Wheeled Glass Nippers - Mosaic Cutter
Economy Claw Grabbers With Set Screw
Heat Defense Pad 8" x 10" 4 ply Carbon X - Hard Twill
Griffin Magic Mini Jacks
14mm Ground Joint Forming Starter Kit - Aluminium Handles
Diamond Shears

The Revere Professional Starter Kits are designed for the professional glass blower looking for the best possible tools and equipment.

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Thumbs up


Came with everything I needed, super easy super easy setup. Great buy.



Came with everything I needed to get my feet wet with lamp working. Pretty much turnkey.