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Revere Professional Kit - Bethlehem Champion

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SKU: Revere Professional Kit - Bethlehem Champion
**Starter Kit Discount**
$6,757.35 / Total Retail Value
$367.35 in Total Savings!


The new Champion bench burner, a reconfigured take on our popular PM2D model. Create larger, more complex pieces with this new stainless steel powerhouse without losing the ability to create intricate details. Featuring a new ball-bearing scroll mechanism that provides smooth adjustments and automatically locks the torch at the desired angle, the torch is ideal for standing and sitting artists alike. Experience a full-capability torch with Bethlehem’s hottest and largest outer fire flame, while maintaining control and precision with a pinpoint center fire. 

The Paragon F120 Front Loading Digital Kiln w/ Top Elements - 120 Volt; Anneal large glass figurines in the digital F-120 lamp working kiln. Raise the spring-loaded vertical-drop door to insert a glass figurine with a punty rod. Lower the door. The punty rod extends outside the firing chamber through the smaller 2” x 8” punty rod door. This allows the glass to anneal safely.

You can make figurines up to 5” tall in the F-120. Maintain the annealing temperature indefinitely with the Sentry Xpress 3-key controller.

The ease of operation will delight you. Never before has lamp work been so easy in this price range. Imagine the massive, award-winning figurines you will make with this kiln.

This Kit Features:
- Bethlehem Champion Bench Burner
- Paragon F120 Front Loading Digital Kiln w/ Top Elements
- Four Inlet to Two Inlet Assembly - B Fittings
- Smith Little Torch w/ 5 Tips and Hose
- Noswar Hornet Torch Tip - 3" x 1.3mm for Smith Little Torch
- Griffin Hand Torch Valves - Set of Two
- Oxygen Regulator - Standard Duty
- Fuel Gas / Propane Regulator - Standard Duty
- 1/4" Inner Dia., 12.5 ft., Oxy/Fuel BB Fittings - T Grade Hose
- Flashback Arrestors - Set of Two, One Oxy & One Fuel Gas
- Phillips Assurance Frame - ACE Shade 3
- 12" x 12" x 1/4" Graphite Plate
- Large Tungsten Probe, 1/8" Dia.
- Blow Hose Assembly for 1/4" Swivel (Swivel Not Included)
- 1/4" Stainless Steel Right Angle Swivel by Firekist
- Silicone Blow Hose Adapter - 12-13mm
- Silicone Blow Hose Adapter - 15-16mm
- High Quality Flat Tweezers
- Blast Shield 1/2" Premium Graphite Push w/ Aluminum handle
- Cutting Edge Salt Trim Shear
- Cutting Edge Dante Diamond Shear
- Griffin 2" x 4" Pro Graphite Paddle w/ Counter Weight
- Griffin 3" x 4" Pro Graphite Paddle w/ Counter Weight
- Griffin Deluxe Graphite Reamer 2-22mm - Short
- Griffin 5/8", 7/8", and 1" Marble Mold
- Tungsten Carbide Scoring Knife - 4 Sides
- Spring Loaded Tubing Cutter
- Economy Wheeled Glass Nippers - Mosaic Cutter
- Economy Claw Grabbers w/ Set Screw
- Heat Defense Pad 8" x 10" 4 ply Carbon X - Hard Twill
- Griffin True Flameworking Jacks
- The Infini-V Constriction Tool by Firekist
- 14mm Ground Joint Forming Starter Kit - Aluminum Handles
- Griffin Serving Tongs with Sleeve
- Rod Holder - Heavy Duty Italian Style
- Griffin Torch Marver (L Shaped) - for Champion

The Revere Professional Starter Kits are designed for the professional glass blower looking for the best possible tools and equipment.

Revere's number one recommendation for these kits is for them to be accompanied with a GTT torch (Lynx, Phantom, Mirage respectively). GTT torches are of the highest quality and what Dustin Revere uses in his studio. However, because they are highly coveted, the wait times to receive a GTT can be significantly longer and are often indefinite. Therefore, we have provided comparable alternatives in each kit that are almost always in stock and ready to ship.

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