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Alligator Rod Holder - Heavy Duty Italian Style

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Alligator Rod Holder - Heavy Duty Italian Style is spring-loaded, made of stainless steel and measure a total of 11" long with a 2" clip. The rod holder is ideal for holding small pieces of glass without having to punty up. This updated holder now includes an extra strong grip compared to previous versions.

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Does the job

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I got this rod holder for two purposes. To hold glass rods and to hold my downstems in place when I flare out the end. It has worked well for both uses. Although you have to be carefull when holding tubing. I wouldnt go over 12mm

great value


I use this tool all the time because I am too lazy to punty up my shorts. The older version was really loose and the spring didn't hold the rod in place, but this newer one is great. quick and easy to insert your glass and holds it nice and steady. I can melt a rod down to about 1.5 inches before it gets too close to the metal. Holds rods up to 13mm firmly.

Best one


I love these because you can use up majority of the rod and because it’s a clamp you can use it for different sizes. It is kind of bulky yes but it’s the best one if you’re looking for a rod holder that can hold different sizes

Save the fingy tips

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These have been amazing saved my finger tips countless times

My fingers love this Tool

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Gotta have a rod holder and these are great!