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Set of 8", 10" & 12" Serrated Tweezers

14 Reviews
SKU: E009


Set of 8, 10, & 12 inch serrated tweezers.

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14 reviews


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These tweezers are great. Great price and serve many uses when lampworking. I like the 8" the best, but I use all three. Everyone should have at their station.

A tweeze for any occasion

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I mostly use the 12 inchers, but it's good to have the other sizes.


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these are not the best. they don't pinch very well. when you put a lot of pressure on them the front starts to spread. i use these for putting things in and out of my kiln. i also used the smallest pair and made my own bail bitters that work great! all in all id say worth the money.

Should have

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A tool you can not really work without. I constantly am using one of these guys, whether its just fire burning a tip off and pulling with some tweezers, To shaping and other scrap removal. Get this set, then you figure out what works best for you and have extra for other occasions or different size glass

Gotta Have Them

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Gotta have them but they're not the best quality and the ends will spread apart if squeezed to hard.

Must Have!!!

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Definitely a must have for anyone behind the flame! i use these every day and would strongly suggest these if you're in need of some good tweezers for a great price!

best deal around

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this is the best deal around. ive looked :) 11 bucks cmon. you want them even if you dont need them :)

Highly recommended


These are my first set of tweezers and I love them! Great first set to start out with! Super affordable too! Order NOW!

Everyone should have a set of these!


Picked these up on a recommendation from a friend. Great starter set of tweezers! Have been using them a lot. Very sturdy and well made for the price. Great addition to anyone's toolbox!

Great value

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3 pairs of tweezers for this price is pretty decent!! i personally use the 8 and 10 to work near the flame and pull off excess glass and use the 12 for reaching in the kiln. if your looking for non serrated tips, you can even take a dremmel to these and grind off the serration.

Great price for 3 tweezers


I love having multiple sizes for different applications so a 3 pack was the perfect buy

Perfect for beginners


These tweezers are fantastic for beginners and experienced glass artists alike. I bought my set about 12 years ago and they are still in excellent working order. I still use them every time I sit down at the torch. I used some tweezers recently that were so thin they heated up and stuck to the glass immediately. These are a nice robust thickness so they don't stick too quickly, but still nimble enough that you can get nice detail with them. I use the tips to pull, the edges to sculpt, and the back end to smooth and flatten. Overall, I love these tweezers. If you can only buy two tools, it should be this tweezer set and a graphite marver. That's all you need to start.



Great set of tweezers to have for many different uses with glass. Keep out of flame.

Good Tweezers


I always seem to have one pair too far out of reach when working so a variety is nice. Even when I started and was learning how to flamework and got glass stuck to these I was always able to get the glass off completely.