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Fine Silver Round Wire - 99.9% Pure - 1' Piece - 18 Gauge

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SKU: E023
$4.75 / Feet


Easier and cheaper to use than coins or grains! 18 gauge silver wire that is 99.9% pure. Silver wire is ideal for fuming on to glass. You can get beautiful blues, purples, and whites when fuming with just silver or you can mix it with gold fume to achieve beautiful greens. Between silver and gold fumes, you can get most all of the colors of the rainbow if done right.

This dead-soft fine silver round wire is ideal for forming, hammering, enameling and granulation.

Dead-soft wire is easy to bend, shape and hammer. Keep in mind that hardness is changeable by annealing, heat-hardening or work-hardening.

Fine silver, .999% pure, offers a bright white color and is best suited for jewelry pieces not exposed to daily wear and tear.

• Country of origin : United States
• Metal type : Fine silver
• Purity : .999
• Hardness : Dead-soft
• Form : Wire
• Shape : Round
• Dimensions : .040" (1.02mm)
• Gauge/thickness : 18 ga.

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fuming wire

by -

While silver wires work for fuming, some artists complain about the quality of the finished look. If you have trouble getting what you need from this try using silver coin. And for a great fuming experience use quartz rod to hold your metals.

agree with Aaron

by -

Wire has worked just fine for me personally so its still getting the 5 stars. But I have heard coin can be better for some. Get a bigger MM quarts rod for sure!