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Size 11 - JC Sifter w/ Coil Actuator - 60 Mesh

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This tool dispenses frit, powdered glass and enamels by shaking, tapping, or for the greatest control, by moving the Coil Actuator. It is incredibly easy to use. With just one hand, you hold the Sifter or Applicator and move the Coil Actuator forward and backward with either your finger or thumb. You easily control the volume of glass or enamel, from a gentle sprinkle to a heavy flow, by the pressure applied and the speed you move the Coil Actuator.

The standard screen mesh size for the sifter is 60. This gives good flow, yet also gives you great control for shading. A 60 mesh screen is generally preferred for its ability for shading as well as its ability to efficiently cover a small item, such as a bead, quickly.

Suggested Frit Grades: #70 (Small) & #82 (Fine)
Size: 11mm
Screen Width: 11mm
Cup Width: 16mm

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