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Small JAWS Cutting Tool

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Now being made on a CNC mill, the new small JAWS are more accurate and consistent. The scoring wheel is held in place with a roll pin, reducing the bulk of the tool, and offering a smoother surface for the wheel to roll on.
The opposite jaw is now a V-groove, providing better support for both large and small diameter rods and tubing. These will easily score rod or tubing up to 25mm, and have been used on tubing up to 38mm.

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7 reviews

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soo much better than nippers

by -

when i got the jaws im glad it came with a extra cutting wheel, started using right away, 25mm 4m cut so easy, broke clean. it was a little tuff to cut 35mm but you can do it. realy like for cutting perfect lengths that i need for peices

how did i live without these?

by -

Most of my glass experience is self taught. One thing i never had for about 3 years was a set of nippers. All i used was a scoring tool. I bought these about a year ago and I feel like an idiot for not have buying them sooner. You can use them to make drop stems, prep punties, tree jig setup, cut a quick blow tube, etc. its really amazing how well they work. These won't work for cutting tubes you have pulled though (such as a vac stack) because the tube really needs to be perfect in order for them to work. a cheap way to get by before buying a saw of sorts.

amazing tool

by -

I just got my cutter and in a split second stored my tubing and snap it was done. This tubing was for16 mill heavy wall.


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Great tool to have, works so much better than a speed sharp or anything like it. Makes cutting tube simple and clean. Even works great to nip punty and color rod. Very happy with my purchase.

Can't live without it!

by -

I use these everyday to refresh my 12mm blow tube. Clean break and easy connections after! LOVE!

Paul P.

by -

I been doing glass for 5+ years dinking around with all kinds of cutters. why did i wait this long. This tool is a must have it works great!!!! worth every penny.

Great tool

by -

I recently got both the small and large.. i would suggest getting both. These small ones will replace any nippers you have. They are great for rods and really small tubing under 12mm. Gets a little harder to keep the tubing in place after about 10mm, but its definitely do able if you have a steady hand and take your time. But i would use these more for snipping rods and cane and what not. The larger ones hold tubing in place much better. But as a rod cutter, these things are leaps and bounds the best.