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$11.50 / Ounce
1 – 15$11.50
16 +$10.00
$160.00 per pound


Telemagenta is a gorgeous magenta AuraTone™. This is a saturated gold-based color that self-strikes and looks good in any light. It works smoothly in a wide range of flame types. Radiant, or “incidental” heat will enhance the inner glow. So the thicker a section is, and the more it is worked/sculpted/roasted, the more Aura will develop. This color is slightly stiffer than clear and requires higher temperatures for proper annealing.

Garage often and give the piece plenty of soak time based on its size and shape.
Recommended Garage/Anneal temp 1085°F

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Stunning Color in a Class of Its Own


Wow. You think you know the limits of boro, then comes a color that shatters them.
<br>First off, the base color of these rods (as well as Gold Ruby), a deep, raspberry red that stretches out to rose pink, is unique to the borosilicate palette. But even more importantly, it is close to primary magenta. Because of this, it opens the door to deep, rich violets when blended with blues.
<br>As far as the working effects, they tend to be similar to the Trautman Slyme family, but staying more on the transparent side of things. It goes clear when hot, and tends to mostly stay that way if not encased or struck for a long time. As is usually the case, haze becomes far more pronounced under clear, and this is where this color just blows me away. Depending on thickness and strike intensity, it can yield stunning purples, violets, blues, and pinks, especially if underlain by black or dark blue.
<br>And if that wasn’t enough, it’s about as tolerant and workable as clear. Crazy expensive, but worth it!