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Ti-Pen Glass Writing Titanium Pen

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Ti-Pen™ is the ideal glass signing tool for the lampworker, glass blower or glass jewelry maker. The Ti-Pen™ tool is different from most scribes because it writes by friction of the metal titanium point. Leaving behind a metal deposit in a silver color on the surface of glass, quartz, ceramics, or vitreous enamels. 

- Optimal for identification or designing on all types of glass work 
- Use for glass art, scientific lampworked glass, blown glass and cold worked glass 
- Offers fine line permanent marking 
- Use of this tool will not scratch, damage or weaken the glass 
- Will not obstruct the view of your detail 
- Smooth flowing fine lines can be obtained by moistening the surface 
- .25mm, .010" wide will withstand temperatures up to 1500° C
- Wider lines can be achieved by dulling the tip 
- Lines made by this tool may be electroplated to make circuits

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Couldnt be happier

by -

This ti-pen is everything I could have asked for. Follow the directions to keep care and it will treat you well! (sharpen before use/ wet surfaces) Able to sign everything beautifully :)

may i have your autograph?

by -

autograph your pieces with some titanium love! these is a very cool way to customize a piece and remember the date it was made on :)


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I have had my ti-pen for about 2 years now, and has not let me down once. I recommend practicing with it on a piece of scrap glass to get a feel for it before signing your work. I have not only used this pen to sign my work, but also used it to draw images on glass. When attending glass events I make sure to bring it along in the case that I may purchase some work from another artist and have it signed. Useful for the glass artist and collector!

way cool, will always have

by -

very thin lines, of titanium.but i can sign everything, and you wouldnt notice unless i showed you. the lines come out perfect like a thin line of silver/titanium. you have to moisten for a smooth line, and need a steady hand. but isn't something a glass artist should go without.

Very Useful!!!

by -

This titanium pen is fantastic! As long as you make sure to keep it sharpened, it'll last you forever. Every glass artist needs one to sign their work!

Wish I'd Bought One Sooner!


Holy cow, this is an option?!? Writes easy, the marks it leaves are relatively discreet, but easily read when done right. Now I just wish I had signed everything I've made!