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Tool and Rod Rest - 7.5" w/ 10 Slots

6 Reviews
SKU: B008


Simple but very helpful. Use to hold your hot glass rods and tools to keep them from burning your work table. Also keeps them free of particles on your table which could end up in your work. The evenly spaced slots make tools and rods easy to see and pick up. 7 1/2" long with 10 slots

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Get More Than You Need

by -

i always need another tool tray! Or use a block of woof and buid your own.

Can't Have Enough of These

by -

I have 10 of these on my bench and they are all being used. I need 10 more! Must have, must have!

essential and cheap!

by -

can't beat the price and you have to have at least one of these at your workstation, I use one on each side.

Tool & Rod Rest

by -

Nice to have, but rods tend to slip off. I would suggest getting the Kiln Mandrel Rack for an additional $10. Then you can use the Mandrel Rack for both holding tools, glass and also in the kiln.

Must have!

by -

Wish it was a bit longer but works great!

Good but light

by -

Nice rest, but I did have to put nails in the table to stop it from sliding. Other than that it does its job very well.