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Blast Shield Torch Mounted Heat Shield & Marver for GTT Kobuki

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This product is a torch mounted marver and heat shield combination. It includes a 2.5" x 3" torch mounted marver on the bottom with a 1 1/2" raised graphite lip at back and a 4" x 6" borosilicate heat shield. Many custom options are available for this product including larger heat shields, high heat UV or IR/UV shields, custom sized marvers, bottom mount marvers, lathe mounts, table mounts and V tool add ons. Please call us for details or see the information on the top of the Blast Shield product tab.

All Blast Shield products come with a 1 year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

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okay so lets be real with ourselves. if you bought a kobuki your are dealing with some heat son. when you are doing a tube pull and you realize you forgot to remove your necklace, and its burning into your chest. you can lean down and try to remove it with one hand and get things all wonky... or if you bought a BlastShield in the first place you wouldnt feel that burn. for those who have never used a BS, its like stepping inside an air conditioned room from the desert sun. having the removable tab is nice, because then you just use the shield when you want it. the marvering pad is a must. I have owned one of these for every torch i have owned, and will be buying one for my herbie in the next few weeks. Mountain Glass can help you get custom options too, just ask!