Io Star - Trautman

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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

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Pronounced EYE-oh, this reactive sparkler is named for one of the moons of Jupiter (and for Joe Jeffrey's Io Glass, in honor of his polite persistence in pleading for this exact color.) Io Star resembles Heavy Blue Stardust in the rod, because it has more of the aventurine sparkle than the Shooting Star. But it also has more silver, and is more reactive than the Shooting Star -- and this gives it a beautiful rich green sparkle base color.

Like Shooting Star, Io Star will flame strike, and will strike a bit more in the kiln during a regular 1050Β° F anneal cycle. The glittery component in this glass is based on the Blue Stardust technology, so it's quite stable -- but we recommend AVOIDING high temperature kiln cycles that some people like to use for kiln-striking an amber/purple, due to the aventurine.

Please don't run this color over 1050Β° F in the kiln; safe in implosions.

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Nice striking sparkle


Super easy to work striking sparkles

*chef's kiss* 🀌🀌


Bought it on a recommendation and now it's a favorite. Easy to work and a WIDE range of color possibilities. Simply badass

Gotta try it!


This is a pretty cool color i use sometimes i would definitely recommend trying this one out

It’s buttery


Bought it with no idea what to expect
<br>It works like butter. And strikes like a beauty

One of my favorites


Beautiful green blue striker. This color works best for outside work, if sleeved in clear it won't strike out aswell. If you bubble trap it those sections tend to strike a bit more. Will grab more green shades once left in the kiln; and can be thinned out by layering it over clear to achieve a light strike while still having a sparkle effect.