Pink Slyme - Trautman

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SKU: TG054
$7.94 / Ounce
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16 +$6.91
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$110.56 / Pound


Trautman's most popular color, Slyme, is now available in a purple/pink color. Pink Slyme behaves in a similar fashion, as well; it's milky color turns milky when higher temperatures are applied.

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Great color and fun to work with!

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I found this color to be great. Unlike the other green slymes, I've worked this one a long time in the flame without any gray bubbles forming on the surface. One of my favorites to layer over white as well as do implosions with because it turns opaque. I use it consistently in my marbles along with other hallow work. I would totally recommend it to anyone starting out who wants a nice color that won't mess up their beginning work.

Another amazing addition to your color palette

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This color is simply amazing. I would say it is somewhat a dense slime. Similar to dense slime #3. but it can deffinately be work very translucent like slime #2. also did some tube pulls of it and I was very pleased & satisfied with the results! Deffinately a must have color!

Is Okay

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Little tough to work, needs more heat than most



Great color work well in all types of flames and hard to mess up. Even seconds has been good to me.

Slyme’s awesome sister


Sister to Slyme- if you’ve mastered working with Slyme you’ll be able to work with Pink Slyme. For me it gives me no issues I find it easy to work with and the colors vary but are always really nice and bright. Perfect bright and milky pink/purple mix. I love first quality, seconds, and odds. I’ll take pink Slyme in any form.

Love slyme


I really love the Slyme colors. This one melts fantastically