Slyme - Trautman

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$7.94 / Ounce
1 – 15$7.94
16 +$6.91
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$110.56 / Pound


Ah, Slyme. Ectoplasmic! One of the most unusual colors in the boro palette, Slyme can range from transparent to translucent to a milky semi-opaque, depending on how you work it. Work cooler to keep Slyme more opaque, with a soft reducing flame. This also prevents reboil and scumming. Goes transparent under higher heat, but can develop a ghostly milky green haze. Slyme is known to have a slightly higher COE, so but works in nearly any application.

Especially at the start, you will want to USE A REDUCING FLAME WITH SLYME for best results! You can switch to a bushy neutral flame once it is up to temp. If you are getting scum or boil, check your oxy regulator and consider lowering the pressure at the tank. Slyme tends to prefer a lower ratio of oxy to propane than nearly any other color you will use.

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Slyme is amazing, if worked right

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I have gotten batches of this stuff that worked easy with no issues, and a batch that boiled with little to no effort. The color is quite amazing, and can get different effects depending on what your looking for. you can encase a thick piece and heat it for a while and eventually will become clear. Or work at a normal pace and you can keep the milky look on the inside with transparent surrounding it. One of my favorite colors, just be careful of the boiling issue.

such a great color

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This is an amazing color to work with. The rod comes opaque but quickly turns to a beautiful transparent green slime color like slimer from the ghostbusters. I have made quite a few slimer sculptures with this exact color and they always sell. Bottom line this color is amazing, it works really easy like butter. I love this color and always have it on hand.

Love this stuff!

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This is one of my all time favorites! I love the range of colors you can get with this! I would definitely try some of this out if you havnt already.

Insane Green

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One of my fav colors to work with, when thin is super translucent, I like to keep it thick, heat it up like the blazes of hell for that nice Slimer color

Classic slyme


I really love this green. I like that you can get different colors of green depending on how hot you cook it. Slyme is a classic color

Slyme won’t go out of style


Slyme is hands down the most popular and most requested color- it’s timeless as far as boro is concerned. Once you have it down you’ll never give it up. The down side is it’s pricey but you can charge accordingly and it’ll always pay off. Slyme won’t go out to style.

Slyme colors are superior


LOVE the Slyme colors. All of them. They all melt beautifully. There’s a reason it’s always sold out!!

Works great!

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Love the way this comes out!

Green Slime

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This one is a staple color. Everyone loves slyme. It pops so hard. Goes good with everything. Blowouts for best results.