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Slyme #2 Rod - Trautman TAG

4 Reviews
$7.18 / Ounce
1 – 15$7.18
16 +$6.25
$100.00 per pound


Swirly, milky electric green that looks like Ghostbuster's ectoplasm. Slyme is more consistently translucent now, but when dense can look slightly opaque - until you get it really hot, then it goes more transparent. *The original and most transparent version of Slyme*

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4 reviews

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Slyme is amazing, if worked right

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I have gotten batches of this stuff that worked easy with no issues, and a batch that boiled with little to no effort. The color is quite amazing, and can get different effects depending on what your looking for. you can encase a thick piece and heat it for a while and eventually will become clear. Or work at a normal pace and you can keep the milky look on the inside with transparent surrounding it. One of my favorite colors, just be careful of the boiling issue.

such a great color

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This is an amazing color to work with. The rod comes opaque but quickly turns to a beautiful transparent green slime color like slimer from the ghostbusters. I have made quite a few slimer sculptures with this exact color and they always sell. Bottom line this color is amazing, it works really easy like butter. I love this color and always have it on hand.

Love this stuff!

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This is one of my all time favorites! I love the range of colors you can get with this! I would definitely try some of this out if you havnt already.

Insane Green

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One of my fav colors to work with, when thin is super translucent, I like to keep it thick, heat it up like the blazes of hell for that nice Slimer color