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The opening dimensions of this claw are 10mm at the smallest opening size up to 152mm at the largest opening size. The handle is 17″ long from the top disk to the counterweight. This tool includes one counterweight.

This claw tool is completely made of stainless steel, from the wires to the super straight center post. The straightness, rigidity, and even balanced weight makes this product the refined claw tool that it is. The knurled handle and balanced weight on this tool allows for effortless and even rotation.

“This is the most refined claw tool that I have ever held. I can say this with confidence after 7 years of research and prototyping. This product has been thoughtfully designed. We have taken the time to refine to excellence, and thoroughly test this claw tool. We are now thrilled to introduce it to the glass community.”

We worked directly with some of our greatest resources in order to find the absolute best (metal grade) wire type to use for this tool. We selected a type of stainless steel that we can harden to RC42 (that’s about as hard as steel can get). We wanted the best spring tension that we could get while still using stainless steel which will retain its luster and its form through heavy use.

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I love this thing, something that's not mentioned in the description is that this won't scratch your glass like most grabbers. It's bent in a way that the round part of the wire touches your work, instead of the sharp edge!

These are the grabbers you want for cups

by -

I have tried 6 different styles/designs of grabbers at this point, and if you are looking to make cups and goblets (or other vessels with blown feet), these are the ones you want to start with. They are more expensive, but NONE of the cheaper options work, whether they are the "American" or "Economy" ones. In fact, the only other option I might consider is the Herbert Arnold "quick clamping holders", but they have been out of stock for a long time and I have not been able to get a set to try them (they also have a more limited size range than these).