Blast Shield Tools

Blast Shield Tools started their business in June 2006 with one product - The Blast Shield.

If you spend any amount of time behind your torch - lamp working, flame working for a hobby, scientific, marble making, bead making, lathe working, soft glass or boro; You will appreciate the efficiency, comfort and safety of this quality tool , The Blast Shield.

Since then it has been their mission to create tools that are needed in the boro glass industry. Many, many glass artists over the years have contributed their ideas on what they needed in order to further themselves in their craft.

Their business is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
You can rest assured that they do everything in their power to make sure "MADE IN THE USA" is all you get.
They have also created a lot of one of a kind/custom items over the years.
Through research and development they are committed to providing tools that have safety in mind as much as they do function. The Blast Shield will change the way you look at Glassblowing - not the way you blow glass.

Heat Shields & Marvers

Shapers & Sculpting Tools

Graphite Pushes and Rods

Graphite Paddles & Work Surfaces

Graphite Reamers

Holding Tools