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Stardust Family Sample Pack Giveaway!

Special thanks to Northstar for sharing this giveaway pack!

Enter for a chance to win! One winner will receive a Stardust Family Sample Pack from @northstarglass / @trautmanartglass
Giveaway Rules

1. Leave a review for any Northstar or Trautman product on our site
2. Leave additional reviews for extra entrees.

We'll pick one winner at the end of July 🙏

Stardust Family Sample Pack includes:
1. Light Blue Stardust rod
2. Blue Stardust rod
3. Blue Stardust tube
4. Heavy Blue Stardust rod
5. Heavy Blue Stardust tube
6. Heavy Blue Stardust frit
7. Green Stardust rod
8. Shooting Star rod
9. IO Star rod
10. Europa Star rod
11. Galaxy rod
12. Ruby slippers rod

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