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  • Instructions For Working Dichroic Sheet glass

The Artist Series excels when used mostly for cane builds, roll-ups, lenses, ribbons, and multi-layering with the wizard or galaxy series. Very Shiny! 25-30 layers.

The Velvet Series is more granulated with a fine sparkly finish. Very smooth sheen to it with deep saturation of color! 30-35 layers.

The Wizard Series has been hailed as the spark that ignited the dichroic revolution. It is very bright and shiny with large crystalline structure resembling rutalated quartz crystals. This series is used as a base to apply the velvets and artist series colors to in order to achieve a multi-grain effect. Also this series, especially the starship/tical color, produces the now world famous starburst galaxy patterns when spun up into a marble. Use the wizard series for montage reversals, galaxy marble cane builds, and everything else that can be done with dichro. 42-48 layers in the Wizard Series.

The TriChroic Galaxy Series was successfully created by the IRP project. Super intense TriChroic effects. (Yes this does mean three color changes!!!) Neon like colors-extra strechable and very friendly in all applications but especially beautiful for montage and roll-ups (tube building). 50-65 layers.

The differences between the Dichroic Alchemy Color Series lie in the coating matrix/vacuum chamber design. Depending on the optical effect you are striving for- any sparkle can be achieved. The name Dichroic comes for the Latin roots “di” meaning 2 and “chroic” meaning color…the Dichroic Alchemy colors are described first by the transmition color and second by the reflection color. Imagining the spectral rainbow in the sky is the best way to conceptualize which color will appear in the flame by looking at the first color and shifting down towards violet 9% to imagine how the Dichro will appear.

Cutting the Dichro into strips or sections before attempting to “work” is usually the preferred method for these sheets. We use a pistol grip glass cutter available in most stained glass stores/glass specialty outlets. Common widths for these strips vary from 1/4”, 1/2”, and 1” usually and run in length from 4-8”. In some sheets it is important to utilize the direction the Dichrois traveling…IE starship/tical rainbow sheets to get the varying colors on one strip.

Suggested use for Dichroic Alchemy Strips:

•Attach punty to end of a strip of dichro, heat dichro on the glass side – not the dichro side.

•Take 6 or 7mm clear or dark colored rod that heats up easily.

•Rake clear or colored glass onto the back of the strip being careful not to let the flame touch the dichro.

•Use a high oxy flame to encase work out in the flare where the flame is cooler.

•Attach punty to other side and stretch dichro only a little or none at all.

•The dichro is now ready to use for inside out design, cane builds, or outside design.