Manufacturer Price Changes

The last two years have impacted the global supply chain more than anyone could have imagined, and has disrupted our ability to provide you with the products and service you expect from Mountain Glass Arts.

We continue to do our best to ship all orders quickly and accurately, while offering the widest selection of tools and raw materials, as well as the best sales support team in the industry.

If there is something on our website that shows “Out of Stock” please use the “Notify Me When Available” feature on our website to receive an email the moment the product is back in stock.

We thank all of our customers for your continued support and understanding.

Below is a list of price changes from manufacturers.

Golden Gate Tubing

$5-$10 per pound.


Price increase of 12%

Chinese Clear

Northstar & Trautman Price Increase

The global coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on production costs across all sectors of the manufacturing industry making it necessary for Northstar to increase prices.

They have delayed this action hoping that raw material prices along with transportation and labor costs would fall back to the level that their price structure could support. Unfortunately, they can no longer prolong the inevitable.

The increase is roughly 5% on rod and about 10% on frit. This price increase is beginning at Northstar on August 1st but we will be updating our system and pricing almost 2 weeks later, on August 13th.

Unfortunately we will not be able to hold back orders at the old pricing once this goes into effect. All back orders on August 13th will be updated to the new pricing.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving your future borosilicate glass needs.

Skutt Kilns Price Increase

Pricing on kilns, wheels and accessories will increase August 17th by approximately 10%.