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Trautman Art Glass Inc.

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Starting in the early 1980's, Paul Trautman began mixing color and developing melting techniques for borosilicate glass in his small garage studio. Paul, at the time, was creating new colors in a artistic medium that was for the most part colorless. Since then, a whole palette of color has been developed, an entire industry has grown, and Trautman Art Glass is still exploring the limits of the colored glass spectrum.

Trautman Art Glass, Inc. is the second factory built by Paul Trautman to manufacture specialty colored borosilicate glass for the artist market. Paul invented the machines, the processes and the recipes to make this product in the 1980s, and built the world’s first colored borosilicate glass rod factory in the Portland area. Since that time, the colored borosilicate market has grown immensely.

Trautman Art Glass makes what is widely considered to be the finest glass on the market for torch or “lampwork” artists, used in collectible marbles, sculptures, ornaments, jewelry, barware and other artistic applications. The are a "little company serving the globe" with a high-quality handmade product from their humble Portland-area home.

As glass manufacturers, they are committed to making the highest quality product and as responsible global citizens, they are committed to being stewards of the environment.

Mountain Glass Arts offers the following from Trautman Art Glass:
- Trautman Art Glass First Quality Rod
- Trautman Art Glass Odd Quality Rod
- Trautman Art Glass Second Quality Rod
- Trautman Art Glass Tube & Tubing
- Trautman Art Glass Frit