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10mm Female Joint Forming Tool - Datum Tool Co.

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SKU: EQ163


This joint forming tool by Datum Tool Co. gives you the freedom to make your own 10mm female joints. Imagine how proud you will be when your crisp and clean female joint matches the rest of your piece. This affordable device literally puts that power in your hands. Datum tools are made in America from high quality graphite with superior craftsmanship.

Click for 10mm Female Joint Forming Tool Replacement Heads.

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Not a quick solution for joints but it helps


I bought this after I walked away from handmade joints out of frustration and talked to a person who loves this tool and rocks it. It did not work out for me that way. It has a learning curve. It still takes getting the wall weight and heat base right to get a good result. And the teaching videos available aren't great. It wasn't a magic answer for me, but it allowed me to make some joints and transition to only using a quartz tool for forming and rarely using this product. I can't give it 5 stars because it wasn't amazing for me, but I can't give it much less because I've seen it used well. I might give it 3 stars personally, it was an expensive stepping stone to figuring these out. The company could really benefit from releasing their own video about how to use this thing. Plus you need to replace the parts periodically from wear. So if you're frustrated but determined this could be a worthwhile buy. Or if you're like my friend, you can bust out joints in no time flat with it.