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40mm Zenit - Herbert Arnold

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Herbert Arnolds are noiseless bench burners that are used with propane, oxygen, and optional compressed air. "Herbies" are built with a special flame stabilization system allowing them to operate the burner a surplus of air and thus making a cooler flame. The Zenit torch is mounted on a solid cast iron foot with an adjustable ball joint.

The propane, oxygen, and compressed air version of the 40mm Herbert Arnold is designed to work with boro glass. Simply put, the Zenit torches are one of the most impressive, diverse, and powerful torches on the market. Not to mention that they are just absolutely beautiful to look at! 


- Noiseless working method
- Large field of application
- Stable, homogeneous flame aspect from sharp, concentrated pin-point flame to a large intense flame, continuously adjustable by a single twist grip
- Burner control via ball valves making it maintenance free and resistant to wear
- High efficiency flame through intensive combustion of gases
- Long lasting by using high-quality materials and components
- Burner head is made from solid non-scaling stainless steel-166 ports



- Stop valve for gas at the burner body
- Air regulation possible by means of needle valve
- Improved pin-point flame

Please noteA Herbert Arnold Pressure Reducer is required to properly run this torch.

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Best torch on the market!!


This torch is incredible!! It’s super heavy and feels indestructible. The flame itself is so gentle it makes hollow work a breeze. Best investment I’ve made in my glass career.



I had my eyes on this torch for months now and I recently made the switch. I love my CC, and it could do just about anything. Yet I felt on most of my pieces I was maxing out my flame. As soon as I fired up my zenit, I could tell why people speak so highly of this torch. Coming from a furnace background, radiant heat is huge for my work. I was shocked how much control I had. I turned to my girlfriend and said: "this is what flameworking should be." The control you have while working in an extremely soft flame made working color and working hollow a breeze. My only issue is the radiant heat when maxing out your outer fire, It can be a little overwhelming and almost too hot to handle. I had never worked with sleeves or gloves until this torch. There is a bit of a learning curve but just like any torch if you sit down and mess with it for a few hours, you'll pick it up really quick. Overall this torch is a 10/10, and it really brings your work to the next level.

All around an amazing torch, with few caveats


I have worked extensively with the Red Max, Carlisle CC, and GTT Mirage torches, and currently putting in my time on a 40 mm Herbert Arnold. The biggest difference is its incredibly even flame heat, I love this thing for assembly, cups, and clear. It comes ready to hook up to compressed air, and I can work cadmiums easily with it. The gradual flame stages are nice compared to the on or off for other torches. It is heavy, durable, gets a pin point flame when needed, and has a wide head for larger pieces. <br><br>A few things worth noting: Its even heat also means it has a hard time with sharp penetrating heat. I do a lot of blowouts and have to switch to my mirage to get in a good penetrating heat, the only reason I would hesitate on this torch. It does create more carbon deposits, and gives off a bright flame glare. Both of these are supposed to be reduced with the compressed air. Also it seems to use more oxygen compared to other torches. Small enough issues to ignore, but worth noting.