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Das Pedal for Herbert Arnold 40mm Zenith Torch - Griffin Glass Tools

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A mechanical foot control for the Herbert Arnold Zenith 40mm Torch; increase efficiency, save gas, and avoid the need to take your hands off your work by managing flame settings with your foot.

This pedal is designed to attach to the side of the 40 mm Herbert Arnold Zenith Torch and simply clamp to the master dial. The master dial can still be controlled by hand when the pedal is connected.

We made this product with the highest grade materials as well as an understanding of the harsh environment that the pedal will be used in. We applied some of our trusted and reliable design elements from our other foot pedals. Those design elements have been developed after evaluating the work environment and volume of use of this type of equipment in the glass shop.

We want give a big thank you to Bryan Ratcliffe, an avid and inventive Herbert Arnold torch operator who designed this pedal.


Das Pedal Installation Video

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World of difference from a normal footpedal - Get it!


Das Pedal unlocks the full potential of working with a Herbert Arnold. It can't be overstated how much faster you work when you don't have to free up a hand to change your flame. I use an air hose on a foot pedal to cool my work as needed because I work so much faster. I can't imagine going back to a different torch set up. <br><br>If your torch is the right height you can use your belly, or arm, or chest to push the knob the closed direction. Which is mostly like having the quick on to off of a normal footpedal.<br><br>This doesn't completely control the oxy, so the small flame can hiss from excess oxy when moving down from the largest flames. Could be my torch tuning. Also I found the angle of the pedal was too steep for me and I built a boot to angle the whole pedal housing. <br><br>The threaded holes in my torch for mounting Das Pedal were too short for the length of the bolts. I had to use washers to make up the gap. It seems my torch was an odd one, but don't force the bolts if they seem too long!