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American Medium Claw Grabbers w/ Set Screw

12 Reviews
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These medium holding fingers (6 wires) open to approximately 2 inches (wires bend easily to hold larger objects as well) and close down to grasp objects as small as 4 mm. Lightweight, easy to handle, 14 inches long overall with a locking screw set. High quality Stainless Steel, will not leave rust marks on your work !
**Made in the USA**

Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews


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These grabbers are so nice to work with. i have multiple pairs of cheap grabbers that are always giving me more hassle than I can handle. These will save you time and not fight you while your trying to work a piece of 1000 degree glass.

Great Grabbers

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I tried out a few different brands off grabbers at the Glass studio which is where I tried these ones out for the first time. One of my problem with some of the grabbers out there that I tried is that some of them seem to be so cheaply made, and a lot of them are really poorly balanced which can make working on projects difficult at times. These grabbers are not at all cheap or flimsy, and are balanced perfectly which make using them that much more easy for you. Locking mechanism works great and the length of the grabbers is a perfect size. Couldn't be happier with the product.

Awesome grabbers

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This is my second claw grabber purchase. The first was from another website (regrettably). But this pair is by far my favorite tool when it comes to making glass spoons. Its the perfect size, quality craftsmanship, very balanced while holding pieces about 4 to 5 inches long. The wing nut that locks the claw in place is much better than my other pair that stripped out after 2 uses. The paint on the handle is very durable, the claw itself actually looks like it was made to be a claw unlike others that look like sawed off whisks used to mix cake batter! Haha and finally but not least, the claw also releases my glass spoons better when i go to put them in the kiln. My last pair would hook and drag the piece back out over and over like some sort of sick game that you dont feel like playing when you just want to get your piece in without breaking it. Overall.. i am very happy with these :) thanks guys!


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Well built and has a great hold even on very small pieces. I worked with an economy pair for a while that drove me crazy. The wing screw makes working with these so much easier.

Way Better Then The Economy Grabbers

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I have purchased two of the Economy ones and this version is far superior for the price. I use mine daily to hold hot pieces while separating from the blowtube,

works great :)

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these grabbers work great and stand up to the heat. they even grip smaller pieces with ease and help maintain a center pivoting point :)

Good for the price

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These do a pretty good job locking onto objects, allowing you to grab sculptures/jars/small foots to goblets, etc. Holds up to heat well so i can flame anneal a piece or give it a quick reductive flame to bring the silver to the surface of certain strikes. All in all, this pair will last you a while but it's no herbie clamp!

Use daily

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This is one of my well used tools, works great and never fails.

a little handsy

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when i feel cold, they warm me, and when i feel i can't go on, they come and 'hold me'.. get it? but seriously, i've had these for a good long while and they're still the balls for the money!

A little let down


I was a little let down by these grabbers. I am picky with my tools, and the things that got me on these are that they came slightly off center, they don't seem to have much gripping force at the claw tips (without forcing the piece so far up that you bend the claws), they are already front heavy without holding anything (if they made the handle longer or at least as long as the steel claws it would solve this). All around they do seem build to last, but not built to be used with easy. I felt like I was fighting them as I used them. I've got an older cheapo pair that don't make me feel that way.

Great grabbers, essential tool for every blower


These are my go to grabbers when I'm doing small to medium work. They are definitely a much needed tool for every lampworkers bench. Highly recommend these grabbers, great quality and great price, as with everything on Mountain's site.

Good buy!


These grabbers work well for goblet feet, cups, and mid to large size objects. They are built well and are fairly priced.