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Economy Claw Grabbers w/ Set Screw

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These Claw Grabbers With Set Screw (6 wires) open to approximately 2" (the wires easily bend to hold larger objects as well) and close down to grasp objects as small as 2 mm. Lightweight, easy to handle, with a total length of 12" and a 6" handle

Gets the job done

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I haven't used any other grabbers, but these have performed well for me. They grab tight and don't let go!


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Best deal i could find, gets the job done, and fair durability.

Good Starter Set

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If this is your first set you won't be disappointed. I have had to sets prior to purchasing a better pair. The first pair had a claw wire that didn't line up or grab properly and the second set had multiple claw wires just fall out.

Hot fingers

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No more hot fingers for me, and by that I mean mine! These little claws helped immensely when finishing off an item i've made. now I don't have to cold seal to somethingand leave that darned punty mark!

Do their job!

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This pair of hot fingers is great if you're just getting started, but if you're truely working on heavier objects like big solid maria's that need grabbing, then how lightweight these are can compromise you're contorl. Also the locking screw just feels somewhat cheap, I personally recommend saving up a little more and getting a better pair. (be sure to use these out of the flame, the metal doesn't stand up to very much heat)

Say yes to the Set Screw or you will be...

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I have owned the brass grabbers and made the mistake of thinking I didn't need the set screw. Oh I was wrong... Definitely these are the grabbers you want especially when beginning flameworking. They are light and easy to operate under pressure :)

claw grabbers

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Great lil grabbers, just the right size for the beginner to advanced artist. Can take a decent ammount of heat and the screw lock holds tight. Perfect price!

grabba grabba doooo

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These work great and hold up to daily use. The screw lock is a bonus.

Economy Claw Grabbers

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Awesome, totally necessary tool for a good price. You cannot work with oval/ round-top pieces without it, and it works much better than trying to use gloves or fingers...

Cheapo Junk

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These Chinese products are lousy - cheap, flimsy and easy to break. The American-made pair are made of better materials and are constructed to stand the test of time. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

They work.


I bought these seeking a strong hold onto smaller hot items. It worked! The end.

Grabber review


I use these all the time and they work well. I do want to get a better set but for a beginner it's great.

Way to guide your rods


These are so sweet to have gripes your glass rods with out having your hands getting burned!!!



this is a NECESSITY good for holding pieces pulling tube very versatile...best investment ever other than my extinguisher I bought for all the 2020 dumpster fires!!!

Good value for the price


These grabbers are great for beginners and have a good price point. They are holding up well!