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Bethlehem's low-pressure, stainless steel, Alpha Glass Working Torch is an excellent entry level burner, and perfect for glass bead artists. The Alpha delivers more flow at a low gas pressure producing the ideal glass working flame. Affordable and convenient, the Alpha is the only torch on the market today designed with your needs in mind.

Burner configuration: 6 gas jets Star Design Oxygen Chamber
Full flame consumption: 
- Propane Gas: 2 – 5 psi; 3 LPM (180 LPH, 6.36 cu ft/h)
- Tanked Oxy: 8 – 20 psi; 10 LPM (600 LPH, 21.19 cu ft/h); 200 BTU’s Per Minute
Works: 19mm Boro Rod; 30mm Heavy Walled Tube
Dimensions: Base: 6″ x 6″
Height: 5″
Barrel Length: 4.75″
Net Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Do you work at home with low-pressure household natural gas? If so, the Alpha would be a dream-come true!

The Alpha will melt both soft and borosilicate glass with ease. The torch can also be used at the traditional flame settings of 5 psi gas and 20 psi oxygen. It works equally well with propane, natural gas and other fuels.

The Alpha Glass Working Torch Features:
- All stainless steel construction that stays cool while the flame is super hot
- A unique design that allows for a higher volume of fuel at a lower inlet pressure- 7 cu. ft./hr. at only 2 psi
- Ideal to operate on household gas (1/4 psi) and oxygen concentrator (7 psi)
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There was alot of nay-sayers when I purchased this torch. I'm so happy I didn't listen to any of the non sense . I run it on one 5lpm oxy con and it's gets the job done . From small solid pendants , to large hollow sculptural work, the alpha has provided for me:) Great beginner torch for a great price . Been almost a year now and I'm just starting to feel I may have out grown it.

An excellent torch for the beginning lampworker

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I have purchased many torches over the past 12 years of my lampworking career, and have to say the alpha is one of the best on the market. This is an excellent torch for the beginning lampworker. It has a nice tight flame for detailed work and is capable of larger work as well. I have made soft glass beads up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter using this torch. This torch is very efficient on gas consumption and runs very well on oxygen concentrators. I run it using household natural gas pressure of 1/2 pound and a 10 lpm oxygen concentrator and it purrs like a kitten. If you use propane and a little more pressure it can easily melt boro glass. This torch has plenty of heat for making boro beads and small to medium sized pendants as well. This is a very well built torch. It's stainless steel body stays cool while you are working, and can handle the few hard knocks that come with the practice of lampworking. The knob arrangement is very intuitive and the adjustment capabilities of the base are fantastic. If your looking for a torch that may be your one and only torch. You can't go wrong with the Bethlehem Alpha.

Starter torch

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For anyone who is just beginning. works well and can't beat the price.

Great Torch

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I bought the alpha in January 2015 and love the versatility of this little torch. The low psi requirements allow you to make the most out of every k-tank of oxygen. You won't have any trouble making spoons, or bubblers; bigger diameter tumblers can be achieved with patience on as well. If you are just starting out I highly recommend the Bethlehem Alpha!


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As a group we purchased 6 of these torches. I have been so happy with my new toy and the awesome customer service we received from the incredible staff at Mountain Glass was wonderful. I won't order lampworking supplies from anyone else!!!

Tough, versatile, almost student-proof

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Just finished putting 14 students through a scientific glasswork basics course over the course of a semester - these torches performed brilliantly. Tiny tight flames, big bushy flames - about the only thing bad I could say is that students seem to have this love of MORE FIRE, and these torches will allow them to waste a lot of fuel and oxygen if you don't keep an eye on them... Then again, such a situation is also a teaching/learning opportunity...

Great starter torch!

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I love the Bethlehem Alpha. I think it is a great torch especially to start out on. I still prefer to use it over my gtt for some techniques - especially fine detail but it can handle larger stuff too. It's a great torch for students, durable with a nice price.

Awesome Little Torch!

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Love this little guy for the price. Awesome for starting out and has really showed how it can do the tiny detail and good size flame for some bigger stuff. Definitely reccomend for beginners

Question? Does it work with Acetylene gas?

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Question? Does it work with Acetylene gas?

Love this little torch.


I love this torch. Bethlehem claims up to 19mm tube, but I have no problem working 26mm extra heavy. Can even pull points on 38. Such a great torch in this price category.

Love my Alpha


I started six months ago with my Bethlehem Alpha Torch! I love it, its a great beginners torch meets all my expectations!
<br>Love my Alpha!!

Great Alpha

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This Alpha torch is fantastic. Great range of flames. Definitely enough for 3 inch marbles and much much more

I personaly woud save up for better.


Its a great bead torch. It was a great torch at $195 but at $308 its a very weak torch.
<br>It is tough but the torch body gets hot but the flame not so much.
<br>If you are buying for your kids to use get a GTT bobcat. It is cheaper and better.

Love this torch

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Very happy with everything from shipping to the goodies they sent with for free and service thank you

A rock steady workhorse of a torch.


I bought my Alpha at Mountain Glass on the recommendation of another glass worker at Hot Time on the Mountain about 5 years ago. I absolutely love this hard working, trouble free workhorse of a torch. The two torches I had previously would frequently clog up, but in 5 years of use, my Alpha has never clogged or acted up in any way. I mainly work in 108 COE glass, making glass beads, but the friend who recommended the Alpha uses it for boro work. I loved it enough that I recommended the torches for a new lampwork glass program at a local craft school in Tryon, NC. The Alpha works great for delicate, fine detailing, but can also be cranked up for more heat when needed. Highly recommend.