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CC Rack & Pinion Mount Torch - 4 Inlet - #5 Centerfire - Carlisle

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Carlisle CC torch mounted on a gear which allows for quick one handed up and down adjustment.

This burner produces two distinctive flames, the centerfire (pre-mixed) and the outer fire (surface mixed). The centerfire, which has characteristics of a single ported tip.

The 4 Inlet Version will require the purchase of part # EQ101 if you are not using a foot pedal. Please call if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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5 reviews

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power and reliability

by -

this is the original - if you're looking for a workhorse to last you forever, this is it. Not the cleanest flame, but knowledgable use of the oxygen can maintain a clean working flame. This torch can be used every day for the pencil sized center flame, or the boro - volcano outer flame. Full range of uses, and time has proven its a gem.

The work horse of torches.

by -

I use this torch daily and I have never disappointed. The premix center fire is very hot and works great for detailed work. When you need to work larger, light the outer fire and pour on the heat! The oxygen consumption is a bit more than some of the other torches out there, but the versatility of this torch makes it worth it. I use this torch to make everything from small beads and pendants to large marbles and sculptures. You can even work soft glass if you work in the outer reaches of the flame, but I wouldn't recommend this for the beginning flame worker. The rack and pinion base is worth the extra money and the 4 port version is a must if you plan to use a foot petal. This torch can take a beating and still runs like a dream. There's a reason why this torch is the industry standard. It's one of the best!

love this torch

by -

Two words (Work Horse). Had mine for 6 years one of the best purchases i ever made.

Great torch.

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I have worked on several different CC's and They all performed really well. I prefer the #5 center fire because it gives you a nice pin-point flame as well the ability to pour on some heat in tight corners. I also think the four inlet gives a better fuel mixture and therefore a better flame. The rack & pinion stand is worth the extra bucks in my opinion.



Solid torch. Real work horse. I love the needle flame.