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Mini CC Torch - High Oxygen Model - Carlisle

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When Carlisle first set out to create the Mini CC, their goals were simple. Create a burner that is suitable for producing soft glass beads and smaller borosilicate work, that featured the durability that Carlisle is well known for. When the Mini CC went from concept to production, Carlisle found that they had produced a burner that boasted a new flame profile that is revolutionizing the soft glass torch market.

Using a very different flame pattern from many of the other torches in its class, the Mini CC presents an extremely hot flame, that is also very bushy. This bushy flame creates a soft working environment that also provides superior radiant heat, giving the ability to work with larger soft glass pieces with a much reduced chance of thermal shock. With a versatile flame atmosphere that can be set for reduction, neutral or oxidizing flames, the Mini CC presents a quick and easy way to produce the many color effects of today’s glass artist.

The raw firepower of the Mini CC is quite impressive, and capable of working borosilicate glass for beads and small sculpture. Built with a very durable design, the Mini CC features a brass housing, stainless steel tube matrix of 7 fuel gas ports, and a stainless steel base with bench-mounting holes. For the adjustment of the torch head angle, a ball joint is attached between the torch head and the base, allowing for 15 degrees of adjustment in any direction.

Please Note: The picture below shows the torch with barbed connections. These are now shipping with threaded "B Size" connections.

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excellent for the money

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I have used these in demos, and been impressed by the power from such an inexpensive, petite torch. The bushy description of the flame is very accurate - which is a big help if you're working surface decoration. Bushy prevents the core from cocoling while not burning the surface. Don't expect the pinpoint flame, or ease in working dicey colors like gold pinks or alabasters. The torch can do it - but it will make you work for it!

An amazing little torch

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I have used the minni cc for teaching classes and liked it so well I had to buy two of them. My students find the minni cc to be very easy to adjust and it's a great little torch for beginning and advanced bead makers. The flame has a lot of radiant heat which in great for keeping the bead warm. This torch can produce a nice tight flame if you understand what you are looking for. As well as a nice large bushy flame for bigger work. It can run on household natural gas and concentrators for soft glass, but if you plan on working with boro glass. You might want to use propane and oxygen tanks. This torch likes a little more oxygen that some of the other brands on the market, but it's a sturdy little torch and can stand up to the hard knocks of life. It can be a little tricky working with some of the gold pinks but once you get over the learning curve this torch does an excellent job. The brass body of this torch tends to get a little hot as you are working. But if you run at a little higher oxygen pressure, this helps to keep the torch running cool. The minni cc is a very good general purpose bead making torch.

Mini CC

by -

I'v been using my mini CC for three years now and love it. Its very dependable and is enough flame for making cane. I 've had the oppertunity to try other torches in classes I attended and always glad to come home to my mini CC.

Love It

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This was my third torch and it is the most comfortable to work with by far. Great heat comes out of this little baby. I can melt boro but it takes some time. Since I'm actually a soft glass artist, this is by far the best torch I've ever had.

Quiet and easy to use

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Quiet and easy to use- this is the first torch I've ever purchased. I've used another torch for smaller beads and sculptural fish and flowers but I had to work hard to maintain enough heat control to prevent cracking. With the mini-cc I have better heat and is easier to use. And a bonus is, I can also use it for small borosilicate pieces as well .

Wonderful Beginner Torch

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I have had my Mini CC since August 2007, it's now May of 2016. In the almost 9 years I've had this torch it's held strong. I've never sent it in for repairs. I've worked on it 6 days a week since 2010. Prior to that I was learning. It's helped me build a thriving glass business. You can get a tight flame for scrollwork and delicate designs and bushier hot flames for larger work. I've done beads over two inches long in soft glass on this torch. I can't say enough good things about it. Right now I'm doing a combination of soft glass and small boro work. You can go up to about 1 inch on boro. I am upgrading torches soon for larger boro but this little workhorse will always have a place in my studio. It was worth every penny I paid for it.

She's a beaut

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I bought one of these, plugged up,and stepped onto world of glass. I really enjoyed my cc min. For its size, it really humps it,and is capable of doing some small boro work. Excellent product,Im on the fence about selling or not to help pay for new torch..

Great torch

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This is a great torch across the board for both soft glass and small boro pieces. I run mine off of 2 oxycons and I'm able to make decent sized murrini pulls on it without difficulty.

A Winner of a Workhorse!


This torch is a real workhorse. I’ve been able to work small beads up to two inches in length with no issues whatsoever. The brass does get hot - but any brass tool does when working with molten glass! I love the adjustability of the head, and have never had to send in for repairs. It was the first torch I went to after the hothead and I have had no regrets! The torch I currently own is over 10 years old and only need to clean it about twice a year. Side note - I work a good 4 hours a day on this torch with an oxy con/propane setup.

Brass on gas


This is a good smaller torch. It's not as forceful as some, producing a slightly bushy flame that bathes the glass, but it's plenty hot. I can also get the flame pretty small and tight for those stringer applications. I've been able to work 1-2 inch boro marbles on it using a single 10lpm concentrator, as well as beads, pendants, ornaments, etc. Sometimes it takes a little more work to get the colors to pop. It's also solid and dependable - I got mine used and reused, but was still going strong. The brass body can take a beating and it still looks beautiful. It can do everything that any other smaller torch can, and it's got a warm personality to it as well.