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Four Inlet to Two Inlet Hose Assembly Kit - Barbed Fittings

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The Four Inlet to Two Inlet Hose Assembly Kit with Barbed Fittings allows for a 4 inlet torch to become a 2 inlet torch. The benefit of a 4 inlet torch is that it can be connected to a foot pedal. If no foot pedal is being used, this kit is perfect for making it easy to connect to the tanks/regulators.

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buy foot pedal instead.....

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these adapters are 3 separate pieces, which is unexpected for a 70$ part, with no picture of the pieces separated. has reverse threading and regular threading, then reverse threading again (opposite for oxy) directly next to each other. it's difficult not to twist your hose into a knot tightening it on, unless you have somebody to help, and a spare wrench. just save up and buy a foot pedal. these are a waste of time and money. they are also very heavy. they keep slowly moving my torch to an upward angle. im now torn between making this jank setup work, or getting a refund and not blowing glass for two weeks so i can save for the foot pedal. not how i wanted to spend my first day with the new phantom....

Good quality. Does the job!


Good quality. Saved me from having to run hoses good ways by just connecting at the torch. Maybe not a 10/10 but definitely a good 9/10. Don't think I'll ever have to replace them. Definitely worth the purchase if you don't wanna run extra hoses. The weight of them isn't an issue if you tack them to your station, or have your torch tacked down. =]