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GTT's instructional DVD is now available to view at and will no longer be included with torches.

The Cheetah is a 13 jet Triple Mix Surface Mix Torch. The Triple Mix technology produces the most efficient flame available for today's glassblower. By surrounding the fuel with oxygen and then injecting oxygen directly down the fuel stream, the fuel is completely burned for a hotter cleaner flame. The oxygen streams are independently controllable by the green and blue valves. This provides a wider flame range and chemistry that is easily adjustable by the operator without changing tips or torches.

The Cheetah works soft and borosilicate glass with finesse and ease. The flame is hot and penetrating for borosilicate work up to 3" solid, and soft and clean to work the most delicate soft glass colors. The Cheetah flame will get as small as the diameter of a pencil up to a 3/4" wide 20" long flame. The flame is excellent for inside out work and production borosilicate pieces. The Cheetah is easily adjustable from a fuel rich reduction flame, to a clean neutral flame, to an oxygen rich oxidized flame, to an over-oxidized flame that is necessary for special glass effects.

The Cheetah comes with 1' of 3/16" hose and adaptors with filter screens to adapt to standard 1/4" ID grade "T" hose on each stud. The adaptors have a barb that the 1/4" ID grade "T" hose slides over and is clamped securely. The Cheetah comes on a powder coated base that has holes for mounting the base to the work table. Also included is a cleaning kit.

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9 reviews

freaking hot!!

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this thing is amazing. If you know how to use it you can make those people say a cheetah can't get a pin point flame hush. It's incredibly hot and gets to the size of a midrange and larger. Way bigger than the lynx flame and it can get incredibly hot. Makes a great hand torch too

Nice Torch

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I owned a Red Max, lynx and a Nortel mid range. And this torch is great. Despite its small size it's much hotter then my nortel. It's amazing how much heat these Gtt's have. If your thinking of buying a Lynx spend the little extra for the cheetah you will be much happier. And we'll worth it. You will see why get is mostly used in the industry.

Best torch to learn on

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I've learned how to blow glass on this torch. I can get a pinpoint flame, despite what others have said. It's also quite efficient with fuel. And alot quieter than other torches I've been around. Definitely a great beginners to intermediate torch all around!

Exceptional torch


Great little torch, compared to my red max it gets hotter, and penetrates farther and faster. The triple mix feature is definitely not a gimmick, as soon as the blue knob is turned the flame instantly goes from bushy to focused point. Running this on 2 5lpm concentrators and its amazing the results it gives, in terms of time spent, i would say with this torch produces better results in half the time than torches i had previously used, including the bobcat from gtt.<br>It treats color exceptionally well despite the higher heat and focus of the flame, you can still overheat the glass of course, but it is suprising how much it takes to do so.<br><br>For the flame focus, you can get a bushy yet controlled flame easily, and with a little bit of tuning and playing around a very nice pinpoint flame with not too much trouble for my settings it is 1/2 open green, full open blue, and play with the red for finer settings.

Spectacular torch


Fantastic little torch that packs more heat than a red max.
<br>The controls and flame sizes are easily adjustable and can go from big and bushy to a focused pencil tip flame with ease.
<br>The green knob is the main oxygen control (and is also used to cool the torch so always leave it at least partially open), and controls the 'bushyness' of the flame, so more open = wider flame
<br>the blue knob controls the GTT triple mix outputs(can be off during use) which makes the flame more focused and a good deal hotter with the added oxygen, the difference between off and on is noticeable instantly after opening.
<br>The torch runs amazingly on both 10LPM (even ok on 5 LPM) concentrators, and on tanked Oxy, it almost works too well, but on either it treats color very well with less color distortion than my Red max.

I regret buying this


While this torch is usable especially for newer users. I still suggest save your money and buy a phantom or go cheaper and buy a lynx. This torch is both too small for large work and to big for fine detail work.

Buy this torch!


This torch is amazing! Very flexible flame adjustments and super hot, no worries at all about keeping my whole piece warm. I was gonna buy the linx but was sold out,very happy I was pushed into buying the cheetah. Totally worth the money.

Love it


I love my cheetah for being small it can do whatever a big torch can do just takes a little longer

Poor Choice For An Intermediate Torch.


The GTT Cheetah was very attractive to me as the next step up in my torches. I had previously used a lynx, and loved the triple mix but wanted something a bit larger. This seemed like the next logical step. Unfortunately, the Cheetah is just not able to generate a small enough flame for fine detail work. The smallest flame it can produce is easily beaten by even the humble Nortel Minor. The triple mix can make a very hot flame and the Cheetah can sustain a reasonable flame diameter, but fine detail just wasn't possible for me. In my opinion, nearly any other torch beats the GTT Cheetah. If you need something larger than the Lynx, two-stage is the way to go,