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Half Blood - Glass Alchemy

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SKU: GA1933
$5.40 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.40
16 +$4.69
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$75.04 / Pound


Half Blood is a half strength version of the much loved self striking Dragon's Blood. This color has been designed to strike back to a rich ruby red in the flame.

Working Tip: This color will strike back as it cools. Half Blood will strike to a deeper red in the flame or kiln.

Product Specifications:
Each rod is approximately 20" in length and 7mm in diameter.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:
"The half strength equivalent to GA Dragon’s Blood, this is an essential for my color palette. I have always been a fan of deep copper rubies and when GA Half Blood emerged I was excited to have a beautiful striking copper ruby that was more prone to staying vibrant and transparent than going dark or toward liver when worked for a long time. I have been able to get an array of finishes from different combinations of color layer thickness and kiln time and temperature. Half Blood works well in all hollow and solid applications and under deep encasement. So far my favorite combinations with GA Half Blood are when it is paired with either GA Paparazzi or GA Agua Mist.”

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5 reviews

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Great striking ruby

by -

Half blood works fantastically and can be used in all applications well including deep encasement and overlaying or backing other colors. Try out putting this over Disco Sparkle or Jackpot and you'll be awe. Jackpot turns into a beautiful gold sparkle when put over half blood. Half blood really pops over white or other cadmium crayons like acid yellow/orange red/red.

best ruby strike around

by -

this color is amazing. it can be surface worked, encased or inside out work, and takes a beating while continuing to strike red as it cools every time. if your looking for a great red that isnt too transparent this color is for you! must have in my color stash!

My Favorite Red

by -

I used to spend a lot of time thinning down either the Cherrywood or the full Blood trying to get something that would be not quite so dark, but more jewel toned for the heads of my jewel colored hummingbirds. Was SO HAPPY when this came out. Love it all the time. Always strikes as it is supposed to. I never end up with clear tips.

Cheap, easy, and pretty. Just like me.


It’s so pretty! It’s a bit darker than I was expecting but that’s ok. It’s so pretty. I’ve been using a lot of Pomegranate and Elvis but this jumped ahead of the Ruby line for me. It’s super smooth and easy. And pretty inexpensive.

Pretty solid!


It works very smoothly and implodes with little to no bubbles if worked properly. Lovely.