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The world’s first self-striking ruby boro! Red Elvis is an “easy striker” and self-strikes as it cools, but gets a little darker with flame striking or kiln striking. Red Elvis strikes in an oxidizing atmosphere, at a slightly lower temperature than most rubies; work in a neutral to oxidizing flame.

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The best ruby!

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This ruby is awesome. Even the 'regular' elvis is dense enough to be layered over clear to make it go further, and still stay bright red. And even if it doesn't fully 'self strike' after working, it's always perfect after it's been through the kiln!

nothing else comes close

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Best transparent striking red on the market HANDS DOWN. You can beat this red like it is on the head of your stepchild and it will not liver. Great for overlays and for blending to make your own colors. One of my favorite blends it 3 parts Elvis Ruby to 1 part stardust = a ruby sparkle that doesn't go brown at all ;). For an overlay try putting Mai Tai Pink over the top and you will be amazed at the Vibrancy of the Pink you achieve (note Mai Tai Pink can take multiple striking cylcles to show it's true colors) If you could only have 1 red to work with you would chose this every time.

Stolen Technology

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The only possible explanation. Probably stolen from the Martians... goodness knows they have a lot of red. Jokes aside I've never seen another red compare to this color. Feels just like a clear rod when being worked and is always the same pure red color - no more no less. BUY (lots of) THIS BEFORE THE MARTIANS NOTICE!

I Love Elvis!!

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Best transparent striking red ever! I love this color. Very easy to work, flows and spreads easily. Best in blown or solid work, stringers tend to wash out. Use neutral flame, can flame or kiln strike; never turns liver-y. If applied over a neutral background like Butterscotch, Elvis Red exhibits very rich and deep qualities. It's the only red I use.

The King of red!

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One of the most beautiful and vibrant reds I have gotten to play with. I love this color! A great color for mixtures (overlay/underlay). A great accent color to almost anything. It is a flame and kiln striker. I feel it does better being kiln struck. One of the best and beautiful colors on the pallet.

Smooooth as butter on corn

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This color is the best, its very smooth and looks great. Its odd how it strikes on its own. This is the jam

Killer Ruby Red

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This is one of my favorite TAG colors, works very smoothly in any flame chemistry. Looks great with Tag Slyme or Kiwi. The price point isn't too bad either. This is a great color for beginners or advanced flame works since it is basically bullet proof.

Superb ruby

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I absolutely love this red. When hot garaging (1050 or higher for long periods) it has a habit of striking too dark, in which case is recommend light red Elvis. But for those in the know, TAG is the place to go for amazing ruby glass

Fool proof ruby


I run my kiln around 1060 1070 so I often sandwich Elvis between clear for a more vibrant red when that’s what is wanted. Melts very easily, very nice soft color in the flame. Definitely the ruby I buy most of. Try over steel wool, looks very rich and sultry over caramel colors.

Perfect Striking Ruby


I'm still very new to glass working. I used Elvis Red without issue. The color comes out beautifully!

Most used red


Easy working self sticking red, never had any problems with this color. Versatile, plays well with others.

Useful Color


I am not as crazy about Red Elvis as some are but it is a useful color to have in your palette ...

Great Red


Love Red Elvis. It’s a great transparent red (darker than Pomegranate) that sometimes gets a bit milky in color. I love layering it with other colors and never had any issues with that- whether it was encased or doing the encasing. I always keep this color in my shop.

Love it!

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Rich red color