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Amber Purple Rod - Northstar

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SKU: NS013
$4.45 / Ounce
1 – 15$4.45
16 +$3.87
$61.92 per pound


Amber/Purple: Of the striking colors in the borosilicate palette the Amber/purples are some of the most exciting. #NS013 is the first in a series of five Amber/Purple colors.

It is well suited for sculpture and moderately thin blown work. The color can produce pale yellows to ambers to a deep purple.

To yield the most vibrant purples, work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike. Try encasing your favorite Amber/Purple with #NS032 Violet, or #NS031 Lavender. To enhance #NS013 Amber/Purple try backing it with #NS054 Star White.

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are you kidding?

by -

the idea you are even reading a review before trying this out is crazy. one of my favorite colors. flame strike it a time or two and the colors will turn out amazing. i dont really like it as a stringer but amazing otherwise

super easy color to work with

by -

love this color...especially for making gauged jewelry!

Love this color

by -

So easy to work with and produces beautiful pinks/purples. I like to kiln strike when using.


by -

if you don't have any of this color get some ASAP!!!! sick amber purple colors and the sticks just melt like butter!!! easy to strike just don't thin it out too much it's not saturated enough for stringer work...

one of my favorites

by -

stick stack this and pull some tube for a sweet striated effect. can boil quick if you hit it to hard and fast too hot.


by -

Have always loved using this in implosion marbles always nice strike effect.

A personal favorite

by -

I really enjoy this color a lot. It is very easy to melt and can take a fair amount of heat but will boil if you rush it. I prefer to flame strike it a couple times and the pinks and purples just pop. It is a subtle color in blown work but in solid gathers it really turns a beautiful purple just like in the photo. I will always keep this in my shop.

Nice color

by -

Really nice color. Easy the work with, melts well and great striking I use this color a lot.

one of my faves

by -

This will always be one of my go to colors. I love how it works in the flame, its like butter in almost any flame combo. The colors you can get out of it are beautiful from pink to purple to blue to green, its AMAZING!! do your self a favor and scoop a pound of two, you will not regret it for a second.. Three thumbs up in my book..


by -

I love this color! One of my favorite ways to work this color is to use a hot oxidizing fame the whole time working it, making sure it stays clear, then kiln or flame striking it to yellow orange or purple:)

Super fun!


One of the craziest striking colors.

New to color? Dont get blue, grab some Amber Purple instead!

by -

Amber Purple has to be one of the funnest colors that a beginning flame worker can try and handle. Not only does it require a bit of time to learn the different hues. It also provides a great stepping stone for someone to learn the flame on their torch! It has an amazing range of different hues of ambers, blues and purples. Also makes for really great implosions when first starting out. Still a novice myself but I can certainly say this color has never done me wrong!

A must have for anyone’s color stash!


I’m very new to working with glass, but amber purple and double amber purple have been a awesome striking color to work with. Very forgiving in all types of flames and produces a vast verity of colors from rich amber yellows, to crazy transparent blues and purples. I’d highly recommend any new comers to give this a try!

my favorite northstar color


my favorite NorthStar color