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Major/Minor Burner w/ Surface Mix Topfire Burner - Nortel

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The Major Bench Burner offers the best of both worlds for the lamp worker. With a Minor Burner mounted on top for a range of small to 3/4" flame and the Major Burner delivering flames up to 1 1/2" in diameter, this torch is quite versatile. This stainless steel front, surface mix torch, uses oxygen with natural gas, propane or hydrogen. Uses threaded "B" size fittings.

Suggested gas and pressures:

 Propane: 2 to 6 PSI

 Natural Gas: 1/4 to 2 PSI

Oxygen: 8 to 24 PSI

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Works well

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I have had this torch since 2006 it is a work horse for me. working tube that is 1 inch or over can get hard especially when doing a vac stack with 50mm heavy wall. it can be done but takes a while the thickness and the size of all the glass needed makes it for a very long time spinning, but it can totally be done, For larger tube of 50mm and above I recommend a much bigger torch. but for pipes mini rigs, marbles under 2 inches things like this this torch is great. the top fire can go very pin point more so than the other top mix however this top fire can not get as hot as the other top fire however its precision can be very fine. very nice combo, I have used the top fire for small solid jewelery 1/2 inch thick and about 3 inch round and it works well, to apply heavy heat a few seconds of the major works great. great torch for the money. If your going to be doing allot if tube flame cutting the high heat precision flame of the other top fire might be better and you can change tips this one stays the same top fire tip but also works well.

Can't beat this torch for your dollar

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I learned on this torch and it is a loyal workhorse. Just got myself a ~15 year old used one and it works like a charm still. Absolutely no complaints considering the price. Don't think I'll ever get rid of it.