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Nortel Red Max - Surface Mix Top **2 INLET**

8 Reviews
$624.00 Retail
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Red Max Major Bench Burner - **2 INLET** - Surface mix outer fire & a surface mix minor burner on top. Features a round burner front with 44 gas jets on the bottom allowing flame variation from needle thin to 1 1/2" in diameter. The top burner is the same as Nortel's Minor Burner and has 7 jets.

Suggested gas and pressures:

Propane: 0.5 to 5 PSI

Natural Gas: 0.5 to 5 PSI

Oxygen: 5 to 12 PSI

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

THE Beginner torch

by -

When it comes to starting up in lampworking, I'd rate this torch as number 1. With the surface mix top torch, you can work soda lime (soft glass) or borosilicate (hard glass). Unlike the premix version of this torch, you have the flexibility of your choice of medium. So if you're just getting into it and trying to find something that can do it all, here it is.

Great torch for the price

by -

This torch is capable of working up to 44mm tubing without a problem. The larger flame is big and hot with a fairly directed heat. Much more directed than the major burner. The surface mix top is nice because it doesn't murder your colors. If I were looking to spend $500 on a torch that would last me a while I'd spend it here again and again. The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of a hot pinpoint flame. The only way to remedy this is with the premix top but then you will tend to muddy colors.

Red Max 5 Flames for a beginer to Intermediate torch

by -

The Red MAx is the first torch I bought. It is a great torch for the money. The top fire is great flame gets a pretty tight pinpoint flame to a good raging half inch flame. It is great for jewelry making and small work. The bottom Fire is there when you need to make bigger pieces nice even heat flame and I will work up to 44mm heavy wall tubing on it. It this is going to be the first torch you buy then definatly make it this. The Red Max is all around an excelent torch for the Beginer to the Intermediate. And the Red Max is very durable and any part on it can be replaced yourself.

Nortel radmax

by -

I absolutely love my Nortel red Max torch. I prefer it over the premix personally I feel the premix is too loud and does not give you much more I learned on a RedMax premix and can tell no difference between the two other than the noise and that the pre-mixed might get a smaller more pinpoint Flame. But all in all great torch works fantastically and does everything I need it to do from smaller pieces to larger vessels and would definitely purchase again if need be.

Not enough bang for the buck.

by -

I have used this torch on and off for three years. Its ok as a beginner torch, but I feel it frustrated me more than anything. The flame never got hot enough to melt glass the way other torches can.If you can save up the money, buy a CC.

Great torch

by -

I love my red max, it's my first torch and I couldn't be happier, great price and nice heat. I personally got the surface mix because I can't stand the pop of premix. My only complaint has nothing to do with the torch but where the L marker mounts. It's a little to close to the knobs for the minor, takes some discipline not to torch the hot marver. I'll probably move it below the flame once I set up my studio. Definitely recommend this torch and moutain glass!

Best for the price range

by -

This is the best torch you can buy for this little amount of money. plenty will say go straight for your GTT but frankly this torch is an excellent stepping stone before hand. Still not a huge fan of the way that nortels torches chemistry works out. But this torch can take a huge beating and keep asking for more. i ran mine at 7psi propane and 30 psi Oxy and worked boro for a good 5 years before upgrading off the trusty Red Max. Also highly recommend modifying for a foot pedal.

best value torch

by -

This is one of best torches if you're just starting out or need to upgrade on a budget. I been using this torch for 3yrs now highly recommend it. Theres only downside Is it's a Oxygen hog. Other than that it's a fantastic torch