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Experimental Green #5 - Northstar

16 Reviews
SKU: NS127
$5.86 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.86
16 +$5.10
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$81.60 / Pound


NS127 Experimental Green #5 is a very nice cobalt emerald green with a very complex color and chemistry. NS127 Experimental Green #5 was created by Draconis Glass. When they stopped making color rod Northstar acquired the formulas. When working NS127, you can achieve many different colors. When used in an oxidizing flame the color will stay a very vivid neon emerald green. Use in a less hot flame to achieve an opaque blue similar to NS045 Blue Moon. Experimental Green #5 can also shift to a creamy white and lime green. Experimental Green #5 needs to be tried as it is hard to explain.

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Money Green!

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It may look like turbo cobalt at first but its not. after you use it and it cools down it srtikes up to a nice green. if you continue to strike it you can develop a streaky blue that goes through the all the green. one of my favorite colors to layer over white.

Super cool colour

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I love this stuff! Super dense, almost "Turbo" grade. It switches between cobalt and a vibrant emerald green when you strike it. I find after going through the kiln it normally ends up all green no matter what it is going in. It apparently has limited strikes, and when overstruck it goes kinda avocado-y (when encased).

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This color is amazing! Has the ability to go from deep transparent green (almost black) to sky blue, lime green, or white, and everything in between. I find glancing flames have quite a large effect on the color outcome.

It’s own force of nature


This has got to be one of if not my most favorite color. It’s nice to work with and the possibilities seem substantial. I love when you can get the streaks of blue in it. It’s like a dark sea of emerald being blasted by lightning. So beautiful.

Best NS color by far!!


Exp. green #5 is by far my favorite color from NS! The ranges in hues this color can achieve is extremely amazing, probably one of the most dramatic and pleasing to the eye out of all the colors available through NorthStar. Encased, sleeved, no sleeve, blown out, sculpture, inside out stringer work, ect., there’s never a bad way to use this color! It’s always gorgeous!

You will be hooked on this one


As an amateur flame worker that's never taken a course, I've boiled a lot of colors while trying to learn the chemistry of each rod North star produces. The first time I used experimental #5, I was amazed. It melts like butter, and the colors that pop out will blow your mind. This color has never boiled on me and the results have doubled the value of my art creations. This one is absolutely a 5 star for all glass artists

One of my favorite colors


Experimental Green #5 is full of a wide range of color results, everything from opaque black to bright lime green, dark semi-translucent greens and even hazy blues. It is fully capable of taking the heat and a lot of sculptural stress, which for me is a huge plus. I have put it through the tests and it quickly became one of my favorite colors.

Encase this

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This is a nifty one. Really shines when encased

Awesome color highly recommend

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Such an amazing color so many color opportunities looks great layered over white



Experimental Green is another favorite of mine. It’s a dense striking color that I prefer to encase. It can go from dark almost black green to a variety of green and even some blue.

Very versatile

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This color is so many things all in one. Really great for eyes. Another color worth ordering in bulk.



One of my favorite fine frit to work with!

Beautiful and Rewarding


Love this color, makes beautiful mushrooms and is fun to work with in general. Like many greens, keep an eye on the heat to avoid boiling.


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Easy to work. A great range of colors come out as you learn to work this versatile green by Northstar

Tie-Dye Greens


Always keep this on hand, love this color. It’s great in first quality and odds or seconds. I love it when a lot of bright green hues come out and I still love it when it stays a dark green color. Easy to work with and doesn’t give me any issues when it comes to cracking or hazing. At its best it can be a really cool bright tie-dye style in awesome greens.

So fire


Still trying to get those bright greens. All my blowouts stayed black. Had some luck layering over china white. Might encase some and try again. This one is so fire when its vacstacked