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Jade - 2NDS - Northstar

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SKU: N011s
$2.80 / Ounce
1 – 15$2.80
16 +$2.44
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$39.04 / Pound


NS011 Jade is a saturated fully opaque plant green. It can be stretched out for stringer applications or thin blown work. With the reformulations that have been made it can be worked in a much hotter flame, but be careful not to overheat. Stay in a neutral to slightly oxidizing environment. As with the workability improvements, NS011 Jade's C.O.E. is far improved. It can be encased and used for inside-out applications. Be sure to run a thorough annealing schedule with encased NS011 Jade. For a neat color effect, try layering a transparent striking color such as NS003 Multi over NS011 Jade.

Second quality rods do not meet visual our inspection standards. May contain one or more of the following: stones, scars, scratches, excessive air content, core, or color inconsistencies.

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Northstar Jade seconds

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North star jade seconds. Great for pulling stringers to be used in all sorts of applications, it maintains its Color pulled down even into 2mm thickness. Being that it's seconds. Sometimes you get that one oblong rod that fits into that last tight spot on your favorite vac-stack. I've also used it for making frit. From thick and pebbly, to a fine powder without loosing its trade mark jade color. At this price it noob friendly!