Jade - Northstar

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SKU: NS011
$5.46 / Ounce
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16 +$4.75
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$76.00 / Pound


NS011 Jade is a saturated fully opaque plant green. It can be stretched out for stringer applications or thin blown work. With the reformulations that have been made it can be worked in a much hotter flame, but be careful not to overheat. Stay in a neutral to slightly oxidizing environment. As with the workability improvements, NS011 Jade's C.O.E. is far improved. It can be encased and used for inside-out applications. Be sure to run a thorough annealing schedule with encased NS011 Jade. For a neat color effect, try layering a transparent striking color such as NS003 Multi over NS011 Jade.

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Garage at 950 anneal at 1050!


Definitely the most stable green I’ve worked with, still garage at 950. Any hotter and you risk checking, especially when encased. Lost a whole pull of vac stack tubing because I garaged too hot. Awesome color but tread carefully!!

Try it, you may love it


Fellow melter here. Love the blues and greens. Havent tried red and yellow yet to stay doing what I'm comfortable with for now. Great products and love mountain glass company too! You guys are great.

Nice, stable green


I have used this green for years and love it. Even encased, I have had very minimal issues.

Green for Light Tone Rainbows


I bought this to use in rainbows. It works easily and seems to hold up well to deep encasement and pulling into cane work.

Green For Lighter Toned Rainbows


I bought this for light toned rainbows. It is easy to work and seems to hold up well to deep encasement and pulling in cane work.

NS Jade FTW 🤙


My favorite color! A green that holds its depth and looks good with anything, it can be a little airy but just work it a little more and it gets better, happy melting.

Beautiful Color


Such A Dope Color, So Fun To Work With.

Be careful


Pretty color. Not millie safe

Great flat opaque green


I've been using Jade for implosion petals and encased tubing and it has worked ok in both applications, where I've had checking problems with other greens and encasement in the past. This shade is on the bright toned side but I find it very appealing for what it is.
<br>I have used it to great effect as a color in an encalmo ball next to bright cad colors as an unusually bright green that is matching in tone, instead of a contrasting darker option from the rest of the palette.

I love this green


I use this green as the base for my vine came that I pull. It seems to play well with others and is a beautiful green. My only drawback is that it can get a little boily if I’m not careful