Star White - Northstar

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Star White is a creamy fully opaque white. It is an indispensable color in the palette for all applications. It is great for sculpture, stringers, blown work, and backings for all transparent colors. With several reformulations Star White has been turned into an easy color to work. It is atmospherically stable meaning it can be worked in any flame without the color being affected. To prevent any boiling issues, heat NS054 Star White slowly and gently. Once the color is glowing it can take a lot of heat. The trick is patience with a soft flame!

Second quality glass can have the properties of odd quality glass, but may also have small stones, air bubbles, vary in tone/shade, or the shape can be very out of round. Both odd and second quality glass can provide a great value to the right person.

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

Dense and smooth, boils.

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One of the better American whites, smoother and denser than most, but it does boil quite easy.

The Best White Yet

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This is the best white I have found yet. It is smooth and as long as you are a little patient with it, you can get the stark white you are looking for with little to no boiling. I love it. Haven't encased with it yet, but it works well for outside application.

Great color but boils

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I have had little success with it ever not boiling on the surface as dots or stripes or while coating things. However if encased it's fine.

Magnificent finish


A great white.<br><br>easy to work and a magnificent finish.

Buttery milk


Add of the few whites that I’ve used this one works like butter it hardly boils and when it looks like it’s going to eat it put it towards the outskirts of the flame to reduce the boiling. Add of the few words that I’ve used this one works like butter it hardly boils and when it looks like it’s going to eat it put it towards the outskirts of the flame to reduce the boiling it works well with just about anything and when is encased in clear it looks amazing. I recommend using a high oxy flame but not too much oxygen to cause a hiss. Use in outskirts of the flame till it gets molten and most boiling is not a problem

A Must Have Color For Any Project!


North Star's "Star White" is indispensable for anyone, from Torch-Master to novice. I fit in the latter category, having started lampworking earlier this year. Anyone who helped guide me in this wonderful pursuit would tell me to be careful with any and all white boro rods, because they boil easily and are difficult to work with, but the same can't be said for North Star's "Star White". Out of all the different brands of white, i find this one is much less susceptible to boiling and thus profoundly easier to work!
<br>White is a pretty basic color compared to all of the other crazy cool colors that are out there, but it is quintessential nonetheless, and North Star's "Star White" is definitely the way to go!

Best white for the money


Best American white for the money. Be patient with it and it'll give you a bright white with little to no boiling.

Good White

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Highly recommend 🇺🇸