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Lokis Lipstick - Northstar

19 Reviews
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1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.


NS132 Lokis Lipstick is a silver striking color. It is a close companion to NS013 Amber Purple, but with a little more control of the color strike. Work NS132 Lokis Lipstick in an oxidizing flame to achieve the most vivid color range. It can be struck in the torch or in the kiln. You can achieve colors that look like gold and silver fume and also deep purples. If reduced enough, it will yield creamy yellows and whites. NS132 Lokis Lipstick works well in all applications. It is quickly becoming a must in the artist’s palette.

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by -

a amber purple type color that is super saturated. it gives you a large range of colors from blue greens to a deep full purple that i personally like. its all in how you strike it you can get multiple effects with the flame and even more with the kiln.

Better than Amber Purple

by -

Amber Purple and Double Amber Purple used to be my go-to colors for a broad color range but Loki's Lipstick is my new favorite. Colors from Amber, to Peach, Pink, Blue and rich Purple are achievable depending on thickness of application and time in the flame. Use with Extra Light Yellow for Pinks, solid for deep purples, and try it over clear, white, red and black for amazing variations in color. It is easily struck in the flame and will also develop more in the kiln at striking temperatures.

so nice!!

by -

If you like working with the amber purples than you will love lokis lipstick, it strikes very similar in both the flame and the kiln. You can really get a multitude of colors out of her. I personally love this color and always have some in my palette. Do your self a favor and pick some up with your next order, it never disappoints.

Best Silver Strike Color, Hands Down.


This is absolutely my favorite color in the amber purple family. I have yet to be able to get the same deep blues, purples, and amber/oranges from another in the line. It works so buttery smooth and even has an intensely awesome optical “clarity” when properly lightly struck.

An excellent color to start

by -

Lokis Lipstick, has always been a 5 star color. Particularly with beginners testing out flame chemistry, it's smooth and brings out unique silver striking tones similar to its cousins AmberP and double Amber Purple. Always keep pounds of this color on hand!

100s of colors in one rod


Absolutely love this color, not only does it work SUPER easy, there’s so many ways to make this color pop in so many different color ways. Always in my cart.

5 stars


This color is one of my favorites

Awesome color

by -

Loki's lipstick is going to be my new go to color. It works like an AP but stands on it's own.

Spectrum of colors!


Love using this color, so many possibilities. You can get deep dark purples or the entire rainbow if encased a certain way. In lighter applications you can get almost fume like colors, always a favorite in my toolbox.

This color is beyond beautiful!

by -

Loki’s lipstick ends up in my hand whenever I light my torch. I am drawn to this color like a moth to a flame.

Just Stellar


This one is probubly my favorite of the amber purple family that I have tried but I love them all...Get It!

Smooth and air free

by -

My favorite member of the amber purple family

Nuf said

by -

I intend to buy 5 mods lbs of this color next go around.

Fascinating color


What a fun color, this one has so many possibilities within and layers up for cool effects with opaque colors

Stricker Sickness

by -

Another sick stricker from northstar! Looks good over anything or just by itself! Melts nice plays well with others, Can’t go wrong with Loki’s lipstick

Can't have enough!

by -

Love the patterns that come out in this! Beautiful strikings!

Easy melting striking rod

by -

Lokis Lipstick is a easy to work color that produces interesting final results. I have trouble getting consistent colors but whatever comes out of the kiln always looks great. I have a few colors I still have trouble striking correctly and they look bad in the meantime, but I feel like Loki's Lipstick is the opposite - while I still have a lot to learn, it already looks awesome. Even though I don't have much control over the final tone, I can match a Lipstick section up to a black section and be confident whatever results is going to look killer.

Must have on hand


Must always have on hand. Lokis is its own amber purple type color. Great pinks and purples along with ambers, and easy to work with. Gives me no trouble because it’s always consistent. Also works really nicely over white as a serendipity type color, and over Jackpot for strikey purple sparkle.

This color is MAGIC!


So many colors in this single rod. Can be flame struck, or in the kiln. Mixed with clear of other transparents and it creates an amazing effect. Probably my favorite color from the A/P line.