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Mystery Aventurine - Northstar

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SKU: NS078
$5.21 / Ounce
1 – 15$5.21
16 +$4.54
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$72.64 / Pound


NS078 Mystery Aventurine is a brilliant aventurine color that strikes to deep purples and reds. When thinned it turns a pale yellowish amber. Mystery Aventurine is well suited for blown work and stringer application. It is not overly sensitive to reduction and is best worked in a hot neutral flame. For the best strike, kiln striking is the way to go. When using this color heavily encased keep work time to a minimum and kiln anneal thoroughly. Mystery Aventurine looks great over NS076 Onyx and NS054 Star White.

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18 reviews

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One of my favorites!

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This color has quickly become one of my favorites to use for reverse implosions. When used for the like it creates a very cool "space like" effect with greens and purples. It has a smooth color changing gradient with sparkles all the way. In my opinion a great standalone color, base color, or accent to other greens.

Best green color out there


This is by far my favorite color of the green family. I found out when use it properly it has awesome blue striking properties. it doesn’t crack when incased and it even has a sparkle to it when it doesn’t strike. In implosions it looks amazing and even surface work at the right reducing flame.

Broad Spectrum Color Possibities

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This is a very tolerant color with a broad spectrum of color possibilities based on your flame chemistry. Encase Northstar’s Double Amber Purple with it and you’ll get a whole rainbow of sparkly color. Vary your flame chemistry for a variety of outcomes. Great color.

Sparkly goodness


Definently one of my favorite colors. Easy to use just keep the oxy blasting. love the green alot and the purple and blue striking is very vibrant. And all the sparkle just tops it off.

Among my top 10 favorite NS colors

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Very easy to use
<br>Never had any compatability issues
<br>From greens to purples this color is magic

Excellent Color


Beautiful aventurine striking color with a broad spectrum color possibilities. Love the dark greens to purples you can achieve with this color.



Gorgeous blues and greens can be achieved but as with all adventurines be careful during the annealing process. Although I do enjoy it in implosions and stringer work as well!

Great striking and sparkle


This is an extremely playful striking color easily one of my favorites

Great sparkly striking color


This color strikes to a variety of colors from purple to green.

Always been a favorite.

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Mystery aventurine has always been one of my favorites from the first time i used it. Easy to use works well with most other colors. I work it the same as amber purple, burn off the haze & strike for amazing purples with a good amount of aventurine sparkle -beautiful!

One of my favorite colors


Love mystery aventurine always nice to work with and has a large variety of colors you can achieve with the strike. Has a beautiful glitter that brightens any work



Another awesome color. Im a fan of striking colors but add sparkles and o my!

Cool sparkly striker!


One of my favorite colors to work. Best heated slowly but no problems with boiling when it’s hot. You can get some deep purples, blues, or greens! It’s so cool to see what colors will come out of mystery aventurine.

Awesome color


Easily one of my favorite colors and it’s easy to work with. Have always gotten quality rods from MGA.

Striking green adventurine


A cool green shimmer color that strikes some awesome colors, blue, purple, green sparkle. Good variety of what you can do. Melts nice layers well

Favorite color


If I could only use one color besides clear it would be this

Beautiful Mystery


Beautiful, intense color with surprising depth to it, really must be seen in-person to appreciate.

Wizard shiz


A must have in your palette. Sparkly green with some strikes. Ranges from blues, purples, greens, ambers, and greys