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Parallel Closing Flatteners / Mashers

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Large 11 inch long mashers with 2 X 2 inch pads - adjustable closing height. Heavy gauge steel construction with wooden handle grips. Please Note -These are import mashers, hence the lower price is possible. Compared with the other models that we offer that are made in the USA, these are steel, not stainless, and will rust over time (use steel wool to remove easily). Overall however these provide a great value.

Easy Mashing

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These mashers are so easy to use! One could turn a rather large gather of glass into a flat maria or flatter disk for a carb cap in a few seconds.


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They do the job but the wood handles came unglued withing the first few months, the rust like crazy and they are not truly parallel.

must have

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i used to think that i didnt need these until i used a pair that my buddy had. really digging these mashers

Poor Quality

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I do not like the quality on these, the wood handle already popped off and does not mash evenly. Compared to the ones in my shop I am disappointed. Perhaps the other ones MGA carries is a better quality


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The welds are shawdy. The handle came in still rough needed to be smoothed out with sandpaper before use. Pretty parralel but you get what you pay for in this. Spend the extra buck and buy the better version

Mix your colors of a rainbow


Making a pendant with these is so much easier. Flatten your glass and add a a different color love these.

These fill the need for the price


These are good for a cheep set of masher. If you want a set of mashers the won’t rust or have the handles fall off over time buy higher quality and Buy AMERICAN! They are not sold as parallel mashers, those are expensive! You get what you pay for. Mine work fine after a year.

Look elsewhere

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These get the job done, but they're not a quality tool. Like others, I had to reattach the handles using epoxy. They also rust quickly and eat up a lot of wax.