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The Infini-V Constriction Tool by Firekist

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SKU: EQ161


These sharpened stainless steel wheels rotate along with your glass, so that they will not wear out the way a traditional V does. Not only will they stay sharper much much longer, they will not become misshapen like traditional V's.

The Infini-V is used quite similarly to a traditional V. Hot glass can be rotated down into the space between the wheels, and as it is gently spun in this position, a constriction can be made in the glass. This constriction can then be reworked to keep a constriction in a tube, or the constriction can be used as the point at which a tube or rod can be snapped apart.

Gently spin the glass one full rotation before pressing into the V, as it is so sharp, plunging into it can get your constriction out of round.

The disks on the Invini-V can be adjusted (with one hand) from almost touching, to just over 1.25 inches apart. With the wheels spread, a set constriction can be established.. something no fixed V can match.

The roller assembly can be set at different angles, allowing you to conform it better to your working style and space.

The base is Powder coated steel, measuring 3"x 4". Nice and heavy to keep the Infini-V from moving too easily.

The wheels are 2" diameter, and just under 1/16" thick stainless steel.

Four 5/8" tall feet keep the base off your bench, and also allow for leveling adjustment.

Bonus! The post on the Infini-V will fit into The Blast Shield's quick release shield pocket!

Please note, while adjusting the rollers, take care not to loosen the wing nuts too much. A quarter turn is all you need. The brass bushing assembly can come apart, and will definitely take two hands to put back together if the disk comes off the bushing.

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Worth the extra price.

by -

I find this tool very useful on my workbench. It allows me to quickly make hollow openings. I prefer this tool to a standard V marver.

Who needs a v-blade


I love this this thing! I switched from a brass vblade because I was getting a little brass on the glass. I'll never look back. The glass rolls so much better on this with no drag ...trust me you need it.

Wheel boys

by -

These are great would totally buy again

Amazing tool


Works amazingly well! I have had several other constriction tools and this is the best one! It’s worth every penny!