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Graphite Necking Tool - Griffin Glass Tools

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This graphite V-shaped blade is an excellent tool for creating very tight shaping and restrictions in either blown or solid work. 3” tall x 3” wide.

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Handy for the bench.

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I love this thing for saving me time and money in breaking down tube. It allows me to get the most out of my color tubing.When it came time to decide between a graphite and a brass necking tool I went with the graphite. Yes graphite will wear over time, but I have always been a sucker for it and I am also used to the way it absorbs heat and effects glass. The final reason I chose this version is due to the taper along the edge. I like the idea of the taper and felt it might suit me and the job better. A friend of mine just got a stainless steel v-neck and I am interested in seeing how the lack of taper effects the job. I may like it better. I also am interested in the U shaped necking tool on this store. In any case I am sure you won't be disappointed regardless of which you choose.

Time Saver

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This tool is used to separate tubing and rod quickly as well as shaping and sizing things that that are matching sets. If you are a lifelong blower the shape of the Graphite over time gets worn down and the tightness of the restriction becomes harder to control. For this reason I would suggest the Brass one. However the Brass one will need to be waxed and so they both have a small down side. But the slight issues with both of them would still not turn me away from either of the Necking Tools. Using this tool to separate tube alone is worth every penny. Tip for splitting tube... Heat the area you wish to pull apart, Place heated section over the V and rotate as you apply pressure down, Lift off V and spin as it cools down, when it starts to be tight again wiggle back and forth. If down properly the tube will snap at the smallest area and leave you with an open tube to add another blow pipe to. If you have issues with the tube not breaking apart, simply Flash heat the smallest section and rotate it on the V again and wiggle it. Using this technique for Reversal and Color work will save you countless time and money.

Awesome Tool

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Just got one of these recently and they really are a time and money saver... I almost never pull points anymore...heat a much smaller section of tube and attach a re-usable handle. A must have item. I think I would prefer the brass model though as apposed to the graphite, I love my brass tools. Personal preference though.

Great entry level tool

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This sped up my prep work so, so much. If I could do it again, I would get a silica bronze one just because I can already see the graphite wearing down a bit after a full work week. No regrets though, I love graphite.

Scuzz Free

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Love this V marver, it doesn't leave particles like the brass ones.

Insert my headline for review here.


You guys mailed me one of these on a stand a few years ago on accident with my order. You guys have always been great to do business with. I called you and said you sent it to me on accident. I mailed it back to you guys. If you were some other establishments that I no longer do busses with I just would have kept it. You guys have the vest costumer service on the game. And I dig how many trees have been 0planted throught the years.