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Pink Cadillac - Trautman

9 Reviews
SKU: TG018
$8.37 / Ounce
1 – 15$8.37
16 +$7.29
1 Rod/Stick = Approx. 1.5 oz.

$116.64 / Pound


The opaque Candy colors, like Pink Cadillac, prefer a soft, enveloping flame. While they are not really boily, they do have some air in them which can mimic boil, especially when heated hard and fast.

For those of you on sharp and forceful torches, we suggest warming in the upper flame before working slowly and allowing the occasional larger air bubbles to escape as you work. While many people have great success with these colors, the opaque Candy color line is known to have a slightly higher COE; please test in your application. Laying over clear and then sculpting is NOT recommended.

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9 reviews

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Pretty in pink!

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One of the most smooth pinks I have worked. Works great for coil pots, implosions and sculptural work. One of the more stable cadmium colors out there. It does tend to bubble if worked in a heavily oxidizing environment. All in all one of the most stable and vibrant pinks on the pallet.

opaque OH PINK!

by -

Easiest cadmium pink to work with on the market. Paul has once again trumped the competition with this color. Stays opaque when pulled thin. Work in the back of the flame or "soft heat" to keep from boiling. Try putting elvis ruby over this and pulling it down to stringer for use in your implosion/compressions

Best pink anywhere

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I and my customers love the color.This pink sells.I also like that it works in any flame.Use it and abuse it and it turns out perfect!

Big Pink!

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If you need an opaque pink that stays pink, this is the one! Work this in a neutral flame. What I don't like about this color--and it goes back to chemical formulation--is that it feels grainy, has tons of air bubbles, and can look sort of gross by the time your piece is finished. This color is probably best used if it's encased first.

Super pink but touchy

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This is the most pink pink available, but as another reviewer said, if you work it too hard or don't work it enough, it ends up either grainy or the color gets distorted.

TAG Pink Cadillac

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This is a rich, dense, opaque pink. It works smoothly. It is great as a surface color and will give a gentle light pink blush if used in implosion work. Pink Cadillac works fine encased. It lightens up just a little when deeply encased. I would advise not using too much Oxygen or overworking it as you may get some white spots in your mix. I use this as my base pink color and always have it in my glass cache.

One of my favourite colours


Just the most perfect pink out there, flows nicely, real easy to work with as long as you're careful with heat. Only downside is how expensive each rod is.
<br>Perfect for lovely floral implosions, has just a hint of transparency in the thinnest parts but in the best possible way

Great looking color, can be finicky


This a great pink for the American Boro color palette. I personally have trouble with it in larger/more-heat applications. I like it and am successful with it in smaller applications like slides or encalmo lines and lipwraps, etc.
<br>It has definitely improved over the years as far as workability.

Works great

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Nice pink