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Tungsten Carbide Scoring Knife

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Tunsten Carbide Scoring Knife - Diamond sharpened edge for easy glass scoring of tubes and rods. The tungsten carbide blade remains sharp under hard use. Please note this is a new item, the old version of this tool we used to carry has been discontinued.

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12 reviews

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If you need to score this will get the job done. I mainly use it for cutting dichro sheet scraps and it works like a charm!

starter kit piece

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if your just getting into glass, this is the most cost effective way to go. you don't need a JAWS tool yet because quite frankly, you probably wouldn't even notice the benefit just yet. i still use this tool years after buying one. probably due for a new one but it still works pretty well. great for cutting the tip off of a pulled point so you can blow some air through. be careful though as to not put too much pressure on the glass when doing it, or else the glass breaks in your hand. you'll get the hang of it.

Cuts any size tube

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For tubing over 26 mm I like to score all the way around, then heat the score, brush some water on the score to thermal shock it. After that just tap the tube and it will break perfectly.

Favorite Cutter

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This scoring knife has easily become one of my favorite cutters. Its so easy to find with the orange handle and it works like a charm everytime. Give the glass a solid score, wet the score, and snap. DONE!

Hard To Go Wrong With This

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Super easy and fast to use. You would be surprised if used correctly you can score and snap some pretty large pieces. These things last forever!


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Scored when I picked one of these up. Boy was I missing out when I didn't have one of these and flame cut all my tube/rod.

Great scorer

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I've used many different methods to score/cut my glass/tube/dichro. This one is definantly the best out there, Its a joy when my friend brings it over because of how precise we can make our art.

Score like a champ

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It can be hard to find a good scoring tool. This thing confused me at first being a square blade, but when you hold it at an angle its an edge. It scores pretty well gives you a nice break.

Handy dandy

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Love the red handles so it's easy to find! Scores great every Times!

Anyone can have a sharp knife!!


I ordered the "Speedy Sharp" without really knowing what i was getting, so when i got my order (less than 4 days later!) I checked out a couple videos and had a hard time believing the results until I tried it for myself. Before "Speedy Sharp" i couldn't sharpen a knife to save my life... now all my knives, scissors and tools are sharp and I did it myself!! I Tried scoring tubing with my "speedy Sharp" and was/am impressed with the results as well!!! I show it to all my buddies and they love it too... one of them even ordered his own! Bottom line, Buy one or a few and give them as tokens of your appreciation... You wont be disappointed!

Basic necessities


Handy dandy tool. Must have

great little tool!!


the only scoring tool I use for cutting rods, its great!! A must for for any toolbox.